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Bulletin of Lanzhou high-speed accident: the driver did not pay attention to warning signs along the road

2018-11-05 13:51 beijing evening news TF015

The driver of high-speed sea multi car crash Lee has been controlled public security organs, due to injury in the hospital. Yesterday, Lanzhou City Public Security Bureau informed the preliminary investigation results: the driver Lee take due to frequent braking, causing the vehicle brake failure, will not take proper measures, for the first time in the blue sea at high speed, do not understand the conditions, after losing control of the vehicle speed faster and faster, the driver did not find the confound, emergency lane, traffic accident driving Lanzhou South toll plaza.

Data figure Xinhua News Agency reporters Chen Bin photo

After the accident, the Lanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau deployed more than 260 police officers rushed to the scene to carry out rescue work. At the same time, rushed to hospital after the driver has been controlled, the rapid verification of the driver and vehicle, the driver has been ruled out suspected drink driving and drug driving, the driver had no criminal record, no abnormal records of the vehicle.

It is reported that the road site is located in the G75 sea highway seven beam tunnel to the highway exit toll plaza on the south side of South Lanzhou. The long downhill section of 17 kilometers long, a drop of 550 meters. The sections are respectively provided with five emergency lane, every emergency lane are equipped with solar lights and TV Monitor System. Seven beams at the entrance of the tunnel and tunnel is arranged in the electronic display, all-weather display the right out of the hole, check ", dedicated to prompt a large truck out of the tunnel to the right lane into the service, to accept the seven beams on duty police inspection. All sections of all 38 pieces of tips warning signs, red and blue flashing lights one prompt card 12, 2 police set up emergency channel simulation, Lanzhou South toll station set 2 lane.

Source: Beijing evening news according to China daily

Editor: TF015

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