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Beijing Fangzhuang community health service center "smart medicine" APP chat can cure

2018-11-05 14:22 beijing evening news TF017

"I had diabetes for many years, recently felt glycemic control is not very good, is not the need to adjust the medication......" The 68 year old Qin Mingzhen Boyle point to open on the mobile phone APP "smart medicine", and doctor online exchange.

Put the mobile phone, Qin aunt told reporters that since the smart medicine, "the doctor at any time and online communication.", "one on one" treatment...... There is a small problem, small problems, do not go out to solve.

It is reported that Fengtai District Fangzhuang community health service center "the wisdom of family physician health management platform" after nearly 3 years of improvement, not only have a good family doctor assisted the implementation of standardized diagnosis and treatment of the contracted residents, has achieved good results in the management of chronic disease in the elderly. At the end of September, Fengtai District has more than 3 people enjoy online service. In the past week hit, "smart medicine" is from the 107 talent shows itself solutions, "innovation and entrepreneurship, improve people's livelihood, the demand for solutions of solicitation for the first prize.

Scene: a doctor service eight hundred or nine hundred

The morning of the Fangzhuang community health service center, they continued to come, of which there are more than 2/3 of all patients signed, they were already a good appointment.

Doctor doctor Ge Caiying picked up the whole space, open mobile phone, smart medical doctor APP. There have been seven or eight messages, reply to the doctor after Ge and press the "digital rounds" button, the signing of the nearly 900 patients immediately appear, including two patients with the red warning. Uncle Liu, coming from your data, your blood pressure is not stable. The one or two day to the hospital to check whether you need to adjust the medication." The doctor Gregory immediately contact the two old men, and inform their team nurse Liu Weiwei, please arrange a time to follow up the elderly.

"My family doctor, there are nearly 900 patients signed, now have the intelligence platform, details of patients are here, at any time can be processed and analyzed, especially the chronic disease of the elderly in the community to carry out meticulous management, make our service timely and thoughtful." Ge said the doctor.

In addition to remind doctors to provide appropriate services for patients signed at any time, can let the doctor carry smart medicine with "database", sometimes can help the elderly to solve big problems. The doctor saw China hole examination report in Huo Wei aunt upload smart medical system, pay close attention to blood glucose and blood pressure index in elderly.

"One evening, Huo aunt suddenly called me, said that the face is hot, uncomfortable." Kong Min recalled: "we are a family doctor signing about nine patients who could not remember each person's situation, especially in front of the computer office." Kong Min was opened on the mobile phone side doctor APP, out of the case found Huo Huo aunt, aunt has 10 years of history of diabetes, the last follow-up found that the old man appeared in the treatment of hypertension symptoms, give the elderly to increase blood pressure medicine. "According to the description of the elderly, I still feel that the blood pressure, let aunt Huo the volume of blood pressure, the pressure of more than 200." The doctor quickly guide hole Huo aunt eat antihypertensive medications, and asked her to rest, but also by the APP and the old voice interaction, to appease the old man. About half an hour after the call Huo aunt, adjust medication in recognition of the status of the elderly after steady to the old man about the clinic, now Huo aunt blood pressure is well controlled, has been around 110.

Story 1

The doctor thought thoracic fracture "chat" to find clues

For a long time didn't dare raising her head, smile are afraid of pain affects Qin Mingzhen Boyle, now long rehabilitation as usual. This is a smart medical help.

It had to start from an accidental fall. At that time, Qin aunt felt a pain in my waist, just go home. Because she thought it was the problem of lumbar, lumbar sprain, is resting at home, after a few days the symptoms also don't feel better. Qin aunt and Dr. Ge Caiying signed for three or four years, has formed the habit of having something like WeChat and Ge by doctor nag.

"They should not be a severe pain in such a long time, and the pain is also different." See Qin aunt online hair condition, the doctor immediately Ge voice replied: "just as a magnetic check!" The doctor immediately by GE smart medicine platform for referral to the East Hospital Qin aunt NMR shot. A film, thoracic fracture! The doctor Gregory see test results from the line, to help the Qin aunt referral to Tiantan hospital for treatment.

"The bone cement injection, now have chest pain, waist do not feel pain." Qin aunt said. Qin aunt is smart and old patient, even if the family moved to the old house, still willing to Fangzhuang community health service center to see a doctor, because the doctor is reluctant to Ge: "here is not too convenient, Butler moved where" hospital "," doctor "all around."

"You go out to walk, exercise should be moderate......" The doctor reminded Ge online at any time, Qin aunt also actively cooperate with the family 20 years of hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and constipation and other old problems are very good control.

Smart medical systems on a few of the groundless talk chitchat, often dug up traces of health problems, so that patients with early detection and early treatment.

Smart medical systems on a few of the groundless talk chitchat, often dug up traces of health problems, so that patients with early detection and early treatment.

Story 2

"Digital rounds screening of high-risk timely referral found meningioma

"If there is no" digital rounds ", I do not know a meningioma, consequences be unbearable to contemplate." Aunt Lee now think of it still scared. At the beginning of this year, aunt Lee often headache symptoms, even when serious night can not sleep, often need to take painkillers to sleep for a few hours.

In the hospital to take antihypertensive drugs, aunt Lee and her family doctor described his situation. The family doctor will make a "digital" ward round aunt Lee a variety of inspection data into smart medical systems, intelligent evaluation results show that the red warning: do not rule out the risk of cerebral hemorrhage, brain tumor.

The family doctor immediately she opened Easy Access, the head CT examination in the East Hospital, she found intracranial abnormal. Then Aunt Lee was transferred to Tiantan hospital, her long in the community hospital in CT cases and check the Oriental Hospital also directly through the sharing to Tiantan hospital referral platform, final diagnosis of meningioma, and got timely treatment.

"Fangzhuang community health service center signed a family doctor had 3.38 million, which due to hypertension and diabetes and other issues were included in the management of chronic diseases of the elderly have more than 16600. A family doctor to face thousands of patients, massive data management and analysis can not be achieved by artificial intelligence, and chronic disease management through the application of big data acquisition applications, timely warning, help the doctor take care of every patient, the patient's health has become an important gatekeeper." Fangzhuang community health service center secretary Yu Haiyang said.

Yu Haiyang further explained that the wisdom of family physician health management platform, have a very important function is the intelligent application of chronic disease management, which can realize intelligent analysis, evaluation, analysis of patients with chronic disease have individual interpretation and clinical guidance, statistical analysis and other auxiliary functions, the chronic disease management to maximize the use of the data. As one of the "digital rounds" function, to analyze the data of patients, evaluate key patients, and automatically by red yellow blue and gray color classification 4.

Smart medicine eighteen like Wu Yi"

The automatic analysis of critical illness: the use of artificial intelligence technology to clinical decision support system embedded medical system, according to the description of the symptoms, patients may automatically analyze suspected critical situation and suspected common symptoms, and that the doctor doctor assisted interrogation point against suspected critical situation.

The drug delivery system at any time: Embedded Virtual pharmacy, health care reform after signing the chronic disease patients can enjoy two months long drug prescription convenience policy, the catalogue of drugs also expanded, before some drugs without reserve, with virtual pharmacies, visit the contracted residents according to selection of drug delivery service demand, the virtual library issued the doctor will directly enter the pharmaceutical distribution company, with a fee, the pharmacist examination prescription can go home waiting for professional drugs will be sent home.

Warning: Interpretation of disease patients after signing the family doctor, the doctor can download the APP side view of personal health records and follow-up of chronic diseases disease receive timely planning, interpretation, important clinical tips, early warning and the family doctor advised the information, but also through the inspection of mobile phone upload outside the hospital and the family self testing blood pressure and blood sugar value, and family doctors signed real-time interactive communication management to realize self health pharmacy service, health assessment, health forum and other residents. Elderly patients, no longer holding a lot of material between hospitals and departments.


Smart medicine from disease to health maintenance

Fengtai District Planning Commission deputy director Gu Shouhe said that the Fangzhuang community health service center smart medical service mode has obvious effect, in order to realize the treatment of the disease as the center to health maintenance center for change, management of chronic disease control rate increased year by year. The control rate of hypertension increased from 2015 years to 2017 years 61% 78.5%, diabetes control rate also increased from 37% to 67.4%, have reached the international advanced level. At the same time according to the medical background statistical analysis of chronic disease patients every year in Fangzhuang community health service center management can save health care costs about 10 million yuan.

In January this year, smart medicine in 14 community health service centers of Fengtai District, as of the end of September the region has 30918 people to enjoy the smart medical service, smart medical mode has also come out of Fengtai, the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission in April this year issued a document in the city community health service institutions to promote this mode. Smart home can not only help the family doctor implementation of standardized treatment and health management of the contracted residents, is the hospital health management service extends to the family by means of the Internet, elderly patients and doctors signing, firmly linked together through the intelligent platform, become "friends" doctor-patient relationship, to create a modern intelligent community medical service the community coverage, into a new mode of family.

Gu Shouhe said, smart medical systems in 3 years continuously explore and improve, Fengtai district government attaches great importance to the promotion of smart medical experience in the region, the enthusiasm of the family doctor occupies a very important component in which Fengtai District is now gradually perfecting the information system support, through the establishment of family doctor service payment mechanism the implementation of the "one by one" and award compensation incentive and guarantee "talent guarantee mechanism, arouse the enthusiasm of family doctors.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Sun Ying

Editor: TF017

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