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Beijing Zhoukou Town, yam Town, some villages, sewage pipes blocked up garbage dump mountain

2018-11-05 13:41. Beijing daily client TF011

"The sewage pipes on Main Street are blocked up, and the streets are full of summer." Recently, the villagers of the Han Han Ji village in Zhoukou Town, a family housing area, reported to the newspaper that the sewage pipes in their villages were out of repair for a long time and often blocked up, which greatly affected the normal life of the villagers. He appealed to relevant departments to attach importance to solving these remaining problems for many years.

Cross flow of sewage in Tai Han Ji Village

Multiple drain pipe plugs

The sewage flowed everywhere.

Under the guidance of the readers, the reporter first came to the big Han Ji village of Zhoukou store town. The main road of the village is north-south and five or six meters wide, and the road surface has been hardened. On the side of the road, there is a more than 20 centimeter wide tank. The water tank extends from north to south, showing irregular shape. The water quality is gray and black, and the water surface is blister, drifting rubbish.

There are many narrow alleys connected with the main roads in the village. On the ground of one of the alley, there is a curved and slender sewer belt, which flows from the deep alley to the main road sink. At the foot of a house in the village center, a white water pipe was stretched out, and the water was dripping down from the mouth of the pipe. Brick tiles, plastic bags, plastic cups and so on are scattered around the surface. The water in one side of the sink is white with plastic bags.

On the main road in the village several times, reporters found that many households through the ground pipe laying method, the hospital sewage discharged into the main street sewage tank, because the sink is open, so the sewage will flow everywhere. Reporters interviewed several villagers, who seem to be accustomed to the phenomenon of sewage row. One woman said that all kinds of rubbish had been thrown into the sink, which often blocked up. The sewage flowed across the river. It was hard to smell mosquitoes and flies in summer.

Da Han Ji Cun garbage tank has no cover.

In addition to this village, the reporter also found the sewage straight row phenomenon in the West Village of yam town. On a road with a width of about five meters, the muddy and blackened sewage almost covers the entire road surface. The sewage belt is as long as seventy or eighty meters, and there is a large area of water in it. On the side of the sewage there is a slender little trough extending to the corner of a family. Under the corner of a building on the roadside, there is a depression in the basin, and there is a dirty water inside it. At the door of another house not far away, the sewage from the bottom of the wall wantonly flowed, and pedestrians could only walk on tiptoe.

The garbage pool is open and uncovered.

Garbage accumulated for years.

In a low-lying area outside the small thirteen Mile Village in Yama Town, there is a ditch of less than one meter below the ground. There is no water in the ditch, but there are many domestic garbage scattered, and several packages full of sundries are stacked on the side of the ditch. On the side of the ditch is a garbage dump like a hill. The top of the garbage pile is flat with the ground. On the side of the drainage ditch, the garbage is tilted down to form a large slope with a difference of four or five meters, and all kinds of rubbish are distributed in the bottom of the slope.

From the volume and color of the garbage dump, it has been stacked for a long time. Many of the rubbish surfaces have been blackened, and some have even rotted. Standing on the top of the garbage can smell the mouldy and smelly smell. The garbage is mainly domestic waste, and there are also many construction waste, such as brick, cement, wood, tile, metal frame and so on. In the tens of meters away from the garbage dump, there are several color steel plate houses, from which the voice is heard.

Small thirteen Li village garbage dump into a hill bag

Interviewed villagers, reporters learned that the garbage dump at least accumulated for two or three years, because this is a big pit, the terrain is low, so everyone dumped garbage here, after a long time became a garbage dump. "In summer, when the flies and mosquitoes are in trouble, no one will come here except the garbage. The smell of rotten smell can be seen from a distance." A villager said.

In the West Village of yencun Town, reporters found three large blue trash containers in the village, and the white box of "West grave village" was printed on the side of the box, three words. Around the garbage bin of 2, old shoes, plastic bags and tree leaves were stacked all over the floor. The three mouths of the dustbin were open, and the rubbish inside it was already sharp. There is another garbage bin at a three fork road in the village. There are many plastic bags, iron cans, cartons and so on. The dirty water flows out of the bottom of the garbage bin and reaches the road surface.

In the interview, reporters found that compared with the semi closed trash containers, the open village garbage pond of the big Han Ji Cun had a more impact on the village environment. In the village, there were three garbage ponds surrounded by cement walls, and the top was not covered. The rubbish was piled up in the open air to send off odors and attract flies. According to the regulations governing the rural environment in the city, it is not allowed to lay rubbish in the open area in the village area. In addition, we should promptly clean up the village health and timely clean up the rubbish. The requirement for sewage discharge is that if the ditch is discharged, it is necessary to ensure that the ditch is open and can not be blocked, so as to ensure that the sewage is discharged smoothly and without water accumulation. There is still a gap between these villages.



Source: Beijing daily client reporter Yang Xiaobin Wen he photo

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