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Beijing Zhoukou Zhen Yan village, some village sewage pipe garbage Chengshan

2018-11-05 13:41 Beijing daily client TF011

"Sewage pipes on main street block, stream street, summer stink nose, winter ice road no.." Recently, a housing area in Zhoukou Zhen Da Han Jicun villagers to reflect this, in their village sewage pipeline in disrepair, is often blocked, affect the normal life of the villagers. He called on relevant departments to solve these problems left over many years.

South Korea Jicun road in the sewers

Multiple sewage pipe plugging

Sewage flowing around

In the reader's guidance, the reporter first came to Zhoukou Jicun Da Han zhen. The village's main north-south direction, five or six meters wide, pavement hardening. On the side of the road, there is a more than 20 cm wide trough, trough extending from north to south, irregular shape, water color inside was gray water blisters, floating garbage.

There are many narrow alley and connected the village main road, alley on both sides of the villagers home doors. In an alley on the ground, sewage with a curved elongated, from the depths of the alley has been flowing to the main road in the sink. In the central village of a family of wall, stretched out a white water pipe, dripping down the ground has accumulated a pool of water. Brick tile, plastic bags, plastic cups and other scattered in the surrounding, the side sink water suffused with white pulp, floating plastic bags.

In the village roads to walk back and forth a few times, the reporter found that many households in the ground through pipes, the sewage tank in the hospital sewage discharge to main street, because the water tank is open, so water flowing around. The reporter interviewed several villagers, they seem to have become accustomed to the phenomenon of indiscriminate discharge of sewage. One woman said, the sink thrown into the garbage, often blocked sewers, summer mosquitoes fly, can smell, the winter freeze, a little wrestling.

Without covering South Korea Jicun lajichi

In addition to this reporter in the village, Yan Village West Village cemetery, also found that the sewage straight row phenomenon. In a five meters wide road, muddy black sewage almost the entire surface. Take up 70 meters of sewage, which has a land area of a large pool of water, the vehicle rolled splash. The sewage side of a narrow groove, has been extended to a house under the corner. Roadside a corner of the building, there is a depression basin size, there is a pool of water. In another house not far away from the bottom wall, out of the dirty sewage flowing, passing pedestrians can walk on tiptoe.

Open mouth cover no garbage tank

Garbage piled up into the hills for many years

In Yan village small 13 village in the low-lying areas, there is a more than one meter below the ground ditch, ditch there is no water, but littered with a lot of garbage, there are several packages filled with debris piled up in the ditch. One side of the ditch is a hill of garbage, the garbage at the top and flat ground. In the near side of the ditch, downward sloping garbage slope to form a gap with 45 meters, all kinds of garbage is divergent across the bottom of the slope.

From the size and color of garbage piled up, has been a very long time, a lot of garbage surface have been black, some even have been rotten. Standing on the top of the heap of garbage, can smell musty sour taste. These garbage mainly in the garbage, which also has a lot of construction waste, such as bricks, cement, wood, tiles, metal frame etc.. The garbage at a distance of a few tens of meters, a few color plate voice came from the inside.

Small 13 village garbage Hill

The villagers interviewed, the reporter learned that the garbage piled up at least two or three years, because there is a pit, low-lying, so all the garbage dumped here, a long time became a piece of garbage. "When the summer, the mosquito infested garbage flies, in addition to no one will come here, rancid taste far away can smell." A villager said.

In the West Fen Cun Yan village, the reporter has found three blue large garbage containers in the village, one side of the box printed with white "Xi Fen Cun three words. In 2, the trash around, old shoes, plastic bags, a pile of leaves, trash 3 mouth open, the inside of the garbage has cropped up. In the village a fork in the road there is another garbage box, there are many plastic bags, cans, cartons and other iron around the ground, the dirty water flowing out from the trash at the bottom, flow into the road.

In an interview with reporters found that compared with the semi closed garbage container, South Korea Jicun open lajichi, more influence of village environment, three village surrounded by cement wall lajichi, top not covered, garbage piled up in the open air smell, attracts flies, a lot of garbage piled to the side of the road. According to the relevant provisions of the city's rural environmental management, garbage piled up in the open air does not allow the village, must use the enclosed garbage or garbage tank stacking station. In addition, to timely cleaning of village health, timely removal of garbage. For sewage discharge requirements, if it is open emissions, must ensure that drains open, can not be blocked, in order to ensure the smooth water, sewage discharge. The village from this requirement there is still a gap.



Source: Beijing Daily reporter Yang Xiaobin text and photo client

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