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Beijing issued a "double 11" consumer tips to pay special attention to these traps

2018-11-05 13:14 beijing evening news TF015

The "double 11" online shopping festival is approaching, Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau today to remind consumers, facing every kind of cheap publicity, advised consumers to pay in advance the commodity prices, the price of the first price and then alert consumer trap. In the purchase of goods, to read the platform sites and businesses carefully promotion rules, explicit use of envelopes, integral and coupons, and asked to return shipping policy, avoid later because do not understand the rules and promotion of consumer disputes.

In addition, the sale of products should pay attention to the difference between "deposit" and "deposit", "deposit" is not refundable, try to determine the demand after the payment. Pay a deposit of the goods to pay the remaining amount within the stipulated time, avoid the overdue payment suffered economic losses.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Yang Bin

Editor: TF015

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