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The core data of a second-hand car brokers in Beijing leaked the information of detained employees steal Car Buying

2018-11-05 14:28 beijing evening news TF019

The second-hand car brokers former employees by modifying the server data, illegal access to a large number of people Car Buying information and profiteering. This reporter from the Beijing Haidian police learned that former employees Xu was recently arrested on suspicion of the crime of destroying computer information system has been under criminal detention.

Data mapping: Song Xi

Haidian Branch police support group on October 10th received a second-hand car brokers reflect the company's APP car dealer data receiving channel to be malicious tampering, lead to the disclosure of the company's core data. According to statistics, the stolen data reached 20000, the direct loss to the company by nearly 2 million yuan.

After a preliminary understanding, the second-hand car brokers Co. Ltd. former employees Xu is the company operation and sales staff, the use of authority, illegal modification of computer information system data, so as to obtain a large number of people Car Buying illegal information, and reselling profit.

Branch police support group immediately in conjunction with the police investigation, Qinghe, expanding line of evidence, identify the suspect Xu key evidence of illegal access to personal information of a Car Buying. The police of the electronic evidence analysis, the basic lock Xu is located in Anhui city of Hefei province. In cooperation with the police in Hefei, 19 August 10 in Hefei city police will suspect Xu was arrested.

The suspect Xu confessed before leaving through illegal access to APP information receiving permission, after the departure of the authority illegal access to a large number of information users, and the sale of profit of nearly 70 thousand yuan.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Lin Jing

Editor: TF019

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