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"Business times" do poineering work drama screen how to win talent shows itself reputation and ratings?

2018-11-05 13:54 beijing evening news TF017

Although entrepreneurship works broadcast Jianrugaochao, from the start has been broadcast drama reputation, "Zhengyang door small woman" online score remained at more than 8 points, the scores of other works in 3 to 6 minutes or so, although the audience praise for some works of the flash out, such as "you are late, many broadcast" after we saw the play the role of each set have shortcomings, are growing in the drama aired, and expressed a certain.

However, the name of drama, drama industry or occupation entrepreneurship drama label such works, many viewers still do not agree. A key reason, most of the works in the drama industry coat, but interpretation of emotional drama drama drama or age, no "industry" is: "business times" is one of most used ink to depict the mobile Internet business works, but suspended the plot, the deliberate pursuit of conflict effect, abrupt expressions the story, let the audience to the workplace as an echo; and high score of "Zhengyang door of the small woman", although it is from 1955 public-private about reform and opening up, but is mainly reflected in the history of the ups and downs of private enterprises, the workplace and entrepreneurial elements are not the main melody, more like a "in the emotional drama". In addition, some of the industry to play as a selling point of the work has not obtained the audience good reputation, workplace elements are either too thin, or out of touch with reality, is the main reason for the industry works were criticized. The audience watching the show said that such works are directors or writers in the lack of experience of life, according to the workplace "parallel world imagine building".

A professional scriptwriter at promoting the development in industry internal contradictions, the audience is seen in the workplace rules of survival and struggle, and those caused by the tangle of good and evil in human nature. In the domestic drama history, also the birth of both reputation and ratings of the workplace trade show, 80's "hostess" "plainclothes police" and a few years ago hit the "intention", the interpretation of every hue workplace life moving but little-known life.

A successful entrepreneurial play, to be able to restore the height of occupation characteristics, a field to set up the characteristic very industry figures, the middle of the first to do a professional, professional and creative, is to feel close to the real workplace life and working state, so that the audience can feel the passions of the characters.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Qiu Wei

Editor: TF017

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