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The film composer v. Tencent because of infringement, "the west" use "daughter daughter love" etc.

2018-11-05 11:28 beijing evening news TF010

The movie called "journey to the west" the daughter of the country without authorization in the soundtrack of the 86 version of the TV series "journey to the west" in his music works "," Xunyin Palace "daughter", the composer Mr. Xu to infringe the right of authorship, the works information network transmission right dispute, sued the Beijing wheat film culture media Co. the company, Shenzhen city Tencent computer system limited company to stop infringement, remove the infringing movie under the frame of "journey to the west" the daughter of the country, apology, compensation for economic losses and reasonable expenses totaling 652 thousand and 500 yuan. Today, the reporter was informed that the Beijing Haidian court accepted the case.

Photo by Bai Jikai

The plaintiff Xu said that he is the 86 version of the TV series "journey to the west" in the cloud "," music palace Xunyin "daughter" songwriter. "Journey to the west" has been broadcast in 30 years at home and abroad have a wide influence, "cloud", "Palace Xunyin daughter love" have also been widely sung, has become a "journey to the west" the iconic music works. The movie "Sun Wukong" and "Fox seven hit" journey of the daughter of the country is in film company and Tencent CO produced, from the beginning of August 2015, October, two, unauthorized "Sun Wukong seven" and "Fox Film journey of the daughter of the country" positive score "cloud Palace" use xunyin (journey to the West Overture) and "daughter love" video on demand network, through the Tencent fees, watch the hits nearly three hundred million people.

This Xu believes that the "Sun Wukong seven" hit fox has been off the assembly line, "the west" the daughter of the country still online, crop pictures and Tencent without their permission, without its signature, their works are involved in the movie, has infringed its copyright in accordance with the law, including the right of authorship and the right of information network dissemination etc.. At present, the Haidian court hearing the case is being further.



Source: Beijing evening news Lin Jing

Editor: TF10

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