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30 years of Beijing xinfade Market: the capital of the table from "what to eat" to "eat nothing"

2018-11-05 11:46 beijing evening news TF017

Covers an area of 1680 acres, 1500 management personnel, fixed pitch about 2000, designated more than 4000 customers, on the throughput of 16 thousand tons of vegetables, 16 thousand tons of fruit, 3000 pigs, more than 1500 sheep, cattle bulls 150 bulls, more than 1800 tons of aquatic products. More than 32 businesses have billions of dollars of market, the annual turnover of tens of millions of more than 1000. The formation of vegetables, fruit wholesale as a leader, meat, grain, aquatic products, spices and other ten categories of agricultural and sideline products wholesale trading pattern. This is the latest Beijing xinfade agricultural products wholesale market data in 2018, but it was founded 30 years ago, here is an area of 15 acres and 15 managers, start-up capital 150 thousand yuan, even the walls are small farmers market surrounded by barbed wire.

Now the agricultural products market clean, everything in order.

In 1985, Beijing released the meat, eggs, vegetables and other 5 kinds of agricultural and sideline products prices at the same time, open the gate, welcome all the vegetables to beijing. With the purchase and sale of new village from the historical stage, farmers began to find a market for their own vegetables in the village have a roadside stall selling vegetables. Imperceptibly, xinfade intersection next to spontaneously formed a street market. Due to the disorder of the street market not only blocked traffic on both sides of the road, also destroys the environment, at this time, a wholesale market for agricultural products of ideas in Zhang Yuxi's heart. The village decided that 15 villagers headed by Zhang Yuxi, with 15 million loan, 15 acres circle, began to build the market. During the day, Zhang Yuxi led everybody together land, evening study program. One day down, is often a muddy one sweat. The wall is the middle is covered with barbed wire, cinder, the humble cottage tidy up as an office. In May 16, 1988, the formal establishment of agricultural products market.

In the early 90 century market scene

Go out is a new measure of the new farm products market service capital basket, to stop the car to open to the community, the residents of the home door dish.

The development of e-commerce businesses like so many white-collar workers, computer before the completion of the transaction.

As market service, Zhang Yuxi always stands in the merchant's perspective. A merchant experience food business life, as the purchaser to the origin inspection, understand the whole circulation of each person's needs to provide better services, to allow businesses to concentrate on business. After 30 years of painstaking efforts, now the agricultural products market has took more than 80% of the capital supply of agricultural products, agricultural products become the capital to build safe and stable supply of the moat ". The table also already from "what to eat" to "eat nothing".

The new development plan and added more business service system, home to the music industry, so business worries can better business.

Now the agricultural products market leader into more new horizons 80.

In the new market of the new blueprint, 670 acres of land will be used for the three floors and three underground floors of the market for agricultural products and the construction of comprehensive ground, including cold chain trading area, fruit and vegetable trading trading area, the vehicle can be directly open to each layer of loading and unloading. The remaining 1000 acres of land will be re planning for green vegetation reconstruction, many varieties of flowers and trees of each other, the new market will become a garden style shopping center take on an altogether new aspect, sightseeing, tourism in one.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter An Xudong photo

Editor: TF017


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