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The fourteen China US film and Television Festival opened in the United States mobile cinema into focus

2018-11-05 11:34 beijing evening news TF017

The day before the fourteenth American Film Festival and American TV Festival opening in Losangeles. Mobile cinema as the fourteenth American Film Festival partners, the latest development on behalf of the world cinema, has become a highlight of the Sino US film festival exchange activities, are highly concerned about the American film industry peer.

Data figure Xinhua News Agency photo: Mao Siqian

US film festival was founded in 2005, is the earliest national project included in the list of achievements of the Sino US high-level cultural exchanges, is only in the form of text written in the United States Congress report of the Sino US film industry exchange activities. There are more than 300 Chinese film companies to negotiate the exchange in the film market platform for Sino US film festival every year, more than 500 American film and television works on this platform screenings, viewing the cumulative number has more than 1 million 200 thousand people.

In the American Film Festival, in addition to the relevant units sent a large number of outstanding domestic film and television drama to attend screenings of exchange activities, and "cloud on Stone City" "Kujia" "looking for" snow and ten China minority movies in the mobile cinema APP and overseas audience exchanges, the new mobile film the show mode, bring new viewing experience for the company, they are even more full of imagination and look forward to the future of the world film industry.

Mobile cinema CEO Jack Gao introduced the current development of China Mobile film in Sino US film festival forum, and during the festival was invited to University of Southern California in the United States, the exchange of mobile technology and international leading experts of the cinema. He said that the mobile cinema is different from the movie new media playback mode, it is connected to the Internet via mobile phone, tablet computer and other mobile terminals, the release has been made in national film "license" and in a release period (in the movie key period, including the key term extension within the film). Mobile cinema with offline commercial cinema screenings single charge single screening of the same pattern, showing at the box office will be included in the China film statistics system.

Data show that in 2017 the annual production of China movies, cartoons, documentaries and other types of education, a total of 970 films, and the actual line into the cinema release only 412, that is to say, there are 558 films for commercial reasons and no opportunity and meet the audience. As the ten equipped with mobile cinema debut of the national sea movies, movies can produce more in the show box office incremental mobile cinema. Mobile cinema CEO Jack Gao forecast, because of the emergence of a new mode of mobile projection, Chinese movie box office total years local market in 2020 is expected to cut the billion mark.

As China film innovation in the field of mobile cinema, officially released in May 9, 2018, in addition to the normal viewing function, can also provide an accompanying film interpretation services, mobile VR viewing and other forms of viewing experience for the audience. At present, mobile cinema has landed overseas to join HUAWEI, as the world's first Internet technology show new mode based on its development is highly concerned by the international film counterparts. The development of this new technology, will no doubt for the future development of the global film industry to create more opportunities for cooperation, will also spread Chinese culture and promote the friendship between China and the United States have a positive meaning.

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF017

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