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The first Hainan Island International Film Festival will be held in Sanya by Jackie image ambassador

2018-11-05 11:29 beijing evening news TF017

Approved by the State Film Bureau, the first Hainan Island International Film Festival will be held December 9, 2018 -16 in Hainan city in Sanya province held. The famous actor Cheng Long was hired as the Hainan Island International Film Festival ambassador. Yesterday, the first Hainan Island International Film Festival held a press conference at the Hainan Film Festival in Boao, this is the first time released official information, unveiled to the world. Yu Jianhong, vice president of Beijing Film Academy Chinese Film Critics Association vice president Zhang Wei, vice chairman of the Hongkong Film Awards, actor Manfred Wong Huang Xiaoming attended the press conference.

Data for photo: Bai Jikai

The festival organizing committee secretary general Fu Xuanguo in the Hainan Island International Film Festival, positioning and direction of said, the Hainan Island International Film Festival will highlight the "new pattern of annual film festival screenings, island screenings, universal viewing", to create an international, academic and popular the never-ending International Film Festival, the Hainan free Trade Zone (cultivation Hong Kong) new formats, new hot film consumption, make Hainan become a tourist shopping, watching movies is an important destination, will create international film exchange, cooperation and exchange platform, to promote the film and television creative film festival, the materials, copyright and other international exchanges and trade, promote the internationalization of Hainan film and television industry, the scale will play; the international film production base, promote joint development of Hainan film industry in the film festival. At the Hainan Island International Film Festival will be conducive to strengthening the international film culture exchanges and cooperation, promote the innovation and development of the film industry, accelerate the film sophisticated technology development and application, is conducive to the introduction of new directors, new actors, new works, promote the prosperity of film creation.

This film festival in accordance with international practice to set the opening and closing ceremonies, festivals, forums, selection and other routine activities, also rely on large and strong China film market grand launch server activity, including China film market film promotion and the national shooting spots promotion exhibition. Then, from the box office of the top 1000 theater manager and will be responsible for the promotion of the upcoming Spring Festival to observe the concentration profile near 100 film, so the producers with the latest masterpiece theater manager and zero distance promotion and exchange. At the same time, film base, shooting across scene will also focus on all the studios and the majority of visitors to scenic spots and promotion, for some poor areas of shooting scene booth, the organizing committee will also give free support and promotion.

In general, the premiere theater festival of screenings of outstanding domestic and foreign films, also make full use of the Hainan fantastic beach opened a public beach theater and the island tour, showing the unique style of the silent classic music, with artists just finished classic sound and rarely in excellent children's domestic release of the film, and rich in Hainan according to the new power unit of Hainan region of the film screenings. The film will be in the movie showing the rich diversity of the at the same time, will also be more elegant art to enjoy the benefit of the general public, let more people feel the unique charm of the film and film festival.

In the film festival awards part, due to the preparations for a relatively short time, the film festival main competition gold award of the international awards for coconut work will start in 2019 this year, the grand, the organizing committee will launch the honor of Chinese film promotion unit, to encourage Chinese films more and more high-quality talents.

At the forum, the festival will also hold a series of professional theme of the forum, invited all countries and regions to make film artists, institutions and the media gathered together on the global film development, and launched a film festival Ambassador during the festival, the great call for filmmakers to carry out poverty alleviation, star the action star, charity dinner and other activities.

In order to ensure the success of the Hainan Island International Film Festival, Hainan Province issued "on the encouragement and support of Hainan province construction hall theater support policy", to accelerate the pace of construction of Hainan cinema hall, but also to promote the province's five star hotel building "1+X" in the hall, let visitors in the hotel can live viewing. Hainan is known as "natural studio", every year a large number of film crew to Hainan shooting. With these facilities continue to improve, will be conducive to the Hainan Island International Film Festival finally realize the development goal of "annual screenings, island screenings, universal viewing, the whole industry chain".


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Li Li

Editor: TF017

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