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The opening with 18 plays more than 70 performances such as derivative plate contemporary Little Theatre Opera Art Festival

2018-11-05 11:28 beijing evening news TF017

By the Xicheng District Culture Commission, Beijing Dramatists Association, Beijing Tianyi Song Culture International Co. Ltd. jointly organized by the Beijing culture and art, as the exchange fund 2018 annual promotion project 2018 fifth contemporary small theater Opera Art Festival has opened in the stars drama village, featured 18 plays, the representative collection of Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera, Shaoxing opera, opera Liyuan opera, opera, opera, opera Jinju, across the North South thing opera is full of diversity in the repertoire of content, new historical drama and modern drama, traditional opera and other new content and theme, highlighting the art festival of inclusiveness and openness.

Data figure Xinhua News Agency photo: Sun Ruibo

The opening of the drama "Taicheng Liu" in Peking Opera and Hebei opera fusion, is the opera stage, the traditional "two pot" performance form, is to highlight the festival theme of "harmony". A small theater opera "nostalgia", "empress" the love "" grand opera have rushed to the ideal setting for a couple in love, "the living fossil of the southern opera opera" Zhu Wen "debut with Chinese Art Festival; little theatre drama" from the song "into the courtyard four opera, Kun rhyme, Yunnan, lantern, in the act on integration and innovation; the little theatre opera" dream ", the opera, opera, opera, drama by Tang Xianzu's" Four Dreams "series, provides a fresh view of play experience. Performed by Hongkong Opera Art Center of the nine districts of the West small theater opera opera "to" Farewell to My Concubine traditional and innovative interpretation of the alternative approach, showing a new generation of artists in traditional Chinese opera and uphold respect and pursuit on the technique of deductive learning. A small theater "monologue" Cao Qiqiao and small theatre men of Kunqu Opera "the Peony Pavilion" Qiandan on women's voices. The little theatre "zaishengyuan" opera, Meng Lijun Nvbannanzhuang staged a Kuangshi romance. A small theater opera "Cui and Zhu Maichen", "Hua Tian Jinju theater swordsman", a small theater opera "Bing Xin" the Department of opera debut, opera, drama, impassioned bring sonorous and forceful impression, give the audience a strong surge of Bangzi tune. A small theater "painting" the Huai opera, Peking Opera "the twelfth floor", had just attended the Avignon Art Festival small theater opera drama "Tian people express" body through the opera program and virtual display, based on the original melody, showing a small theater drama based on inheritance exploration and innovation. Produced by the stars drama village reputation drama "night life" into the old theatre drama drama drama "the soul of life, children's play and children play" three agency Facebook is the most suitable for children to watch.

In addition, the festival invited repertoire colorful, 18 plays more than 70 performances, a lot of drama is the first appearance of art festival. In addition to play outside, also has a drama derivative plate, adding pear orchard pear orchard bazaar, fashion show, theme theme theme workshop, auditorium, drama class experience, bring the fashion sense for the traditional opera art, close to the young people, to expand the spread and influence of opera. At the same time, the festival is one of the characteristics of the plate to play 2018 contemporary art exhibition in the art festival on the contemporary art center opening, together with the 25 international artist near 90 works, works of the media covers the opera device, opera opera music, animation, video image, paper, painting, screen prints, neon lamp device, also brought the shadow play "steal immortal" interactive experience project, in the form of cross-border express drama's unique beauty, with a new perspective on contemporary art charm of opera art. Will continue until December 25th.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Wang Run

Editor: TF017

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