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In the expo! The car, 3D printing mask will fly, 2000 for the first time in China the delicacy......

2018-11-05 08:43 Beijing daily client TF003

The first Chinese International Import Expo opened today! In the Import Expo, which exhibits the most? Who is the most dazzling star?

The total number of exhibits accounted for three percent

The import of the Expo, the world's continents in more than 130 countries and regions, more than 3000 exhibitors. Japan, South Korea, the United States, Australia, Germany, Italy , the light is one of the six countries, has brought 1/3 exhibits, interactive robot, high-end industrial equipment, all of their respective national high-tech endorsement!

A video screenshot: Japan and South Korea the United States Australia Germany and Italy six accounted for three to the total number of exhibits

If we use the The Belt and Road "concept to calculate, each of the 3 exhibitors, there are 1 from the" The Belt and Road along and related countries and regions, the number of exhibits rich, every 10 pieces of exhibits, there are 1 pieces from the silk road.

Who is the most dazzling in the Expo?

And enter the Expo, intelligent electronic products, medical equipment, clothes, Xiangche delicacy top drugs such as thousands of exhibits are divided into 7 categories, including more than 5000 exhibits is the first landing China. Among them, who is the most dazzling star?

A video screenshot: Import Expo "said the number of heroes"

Taurus "Longmen milling" big big.

The largest number of exhibits to the reputation of the German machine tool equipment - Taurus "Longmen milling", up to 8 meters, close to the 3 floor; covers an area of 200 square meters, equivalent to almost half a basketball court; the total weight of 200 tons, almost 25 elephant weight.

This is the German Tahan, embroidery practice, the positioning accuracy can reach 4 micron, is a spider silk so fine!

Yan value + science fiction play "flying car"

More than 10000 pieces of products, to say the most science fiction, a "flying car" right.

3 minutes, "handsome" automobile form can switch into flight mode, open the door, gradually become the wings on both sides of the rear of the car, a vertical tail, flight maximum speed of 360 km. It is the most let people look to where possible is the price.

Chowhound paradise country delicacy in Bo

Which exhibits the most?

The answer is unable to hide greeds over 1000 home food and agricultural products exhibitors, exhibits more than 4000. Nearly half of them are the first to enter the Chinese: Egypt, Canada China jujube Maple water, Azerbaijan, Panama, Argentina banana chocolate beef...... These 2000 kinds of delicacy are hundreds of millions of Chinese have not tasted the taste of!

Farewell to the black and white image spectrum CT CT Era

As a veteran of the medical image displayed at the top manufacturers, PHILPS after ten years of development of the world's first to spectral detection imaging based on CT. It appears to bid farewell to the black and white image of the CT era, can help doctors better find lesions.

Conventional CT image sweep out, not show lesions. Spectral CT imaging after a sudden you can see the lesions where, but also the focus of texture appear more clearly. Help doctors better to find the disease, diagnosis of the disease, can reduce the search rate in 45%.

Custom mask machine

In September this year, South Korea amore Pacific Group launched a new custom mask -- a collection of networking technology and 3D printing machine custom mask. It is the first time in the overseas market debut on the choice of the first China international import expo.

From the carrier, the mask is more suitable for consumer custom shapes, from the content, it is completely based on the consumer's skin condition and skin problems. The show is be made one, the overall scheme of custom mask.

Customized liquid foundation

In the L'OREAL group booth, "customized liquid foundation" to be fair in Asia first, this is a wonderful and custom mask technology of different approaches but equally satisfactory results. This liquid foundation through the instrument to detect skin condition, and then adjust the liquid foundation components, to produce a complete personalized liquid foundation.

In addition, L'OREAL group will also intelligent manufacturing robot to enter the Expo site demonstrate how to detect many products, technology will shine in the beauty industry.

Source: CCTV news

Producer: Wang Ran

Editor: Song Jiayin

Source: Beijing daily client

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