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Beijing this year has been built and strive to achieve this goal to upgrade the 615 vegetable outlets before the end of the year

2018-11-05 07:19 Beijing daily TF003

The introduction of convenience services, convenience stores with fruits and vegetables became popular, van stores into the community...... Residents "food basket" is becoming more and more diverse, the construction speed is also improved. The Municipal Commission of Commerce yesterday (November 4th) held the city's vegetable outlets construction, in January this year to October, the city has 615 retail outlets to new vegetables and regulate the promotion, and strive to achieve before the end of the year, each community complete with two vegetable outlets target.


Yesterday evening, Chaoyang District Tuanjiehu No. 10 east courtyard of the Yingcai gold market, gradually swelled. "This year the market change is quite big, clean a lot." Is to buy food for the residents of Ms. Wang said, at the end of last year, next to the small commodity markets closed, neighbors worried that the markets will be shut down, but then we eat reassurance, the market not only retained, also increased the odds and ends of sewing daily maintenance and other convenience services, and introduce some time-honored food.

Tuanjiehu East Village 10 hospital was the Beijing City Fruit Company Chaoyang Gate Wholesale department. In 1997, the hospital office of the Tianyu small commodity market and gold market Yingcai. This year, Chaoyang District unified dispatch, vacate the Tianyu market, for the protection of vegetable and non-staple food supply, retain the gold market Yingcai. Then, the gold market Yingcai was re layout, introduces some popular residents welcome the merchants original Tianyu market, continue to serve the residents.

It convenient service area in the vegetable market, Wang Jianhai is dedicated to the repair of the table. He is the eyes of the residents of Warren, who lost arms he trained hard, with both feet watch schtick. 2000, Wang Jianhai came to Beijing from Hubei Province, the sky market set up a repair stalls, one thousand is ten years. Tianyu market closed after the street, invited him to service the gold market to continue to operate Yingcai.

Municipal Commission of Commerce Director Yan Ligang introduction, the market plays an important role in the daily lives of the residents, in the ease of remediation work, and promoting the improvement of the city "to" upgrade oriented "and" first break after "the principle of distinction of vegetables and other convenience commercial outlets.

In order to let more vegetables get new outlets, this year, the Municipal Commission of commerce through on the markets, stores, supermarkets, car, van Shoucai point vegetables vegetables were financial support network construction. Among them, the new markets, stores, supermarkets, store decoration by hardware and software equipment investment 50%, the annual rent 50%, each store gave the highest 150 million yuan of funds for new subsidies; equipped with vegetable retail convenience stores, each store gave the highest 50 million on the markets, subsidies; for improving the food stores, supermarkets, according to the investment of 30%, the highest 30 million per store to grant funds to the community; vegetables train project, a community service per 1 million yuan, purchase of new vehicles per car 5 million yuan reward support.

At present, the city has 8500 vegetable retail outlets, there are multiple 2400 community have more vegetable retail outlets. Before the end of the year, the city will continue to increase the intensity of vegetable network construction, to build community markets, stores, supermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, post office equipped with carrying, equipped with community vegetable train, van Shoucai point, no container forms such as vegetable retail terminal, during the year and strive to realize the principle of each community two vegetable outlets target.

Source: Beijing Daily reporter Ma Jing

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