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Wang Hanli Dankai play picnic only highlight this side of car is really "wild" kitchen?

2018-11-04 19:36 Yi Zhan TF011

At the beginning of last year, He Jiong cook farm a reality show "life" to create a domestic variety of slow wave, Hunan satellite TV, another ace presenter Wang Han began in television cooking, but the place in the wild.

Just two in the mango TV broadcast "wild kitchen", by Wang Han, Li Dan, Lin Yanjun served as permanent guests, 3 people in highway driving way, with a local guide together to explore the taste of the world tour by.

The program launched in the official poster Xuan at the beginning, because with the "longing for life" too similar caused hot friends, even people with the two show together called "longing for wild life" and "longing for the kitchen".

From the two programs, they really are very different. In the "life" of Huang Lei, in addition to the use of all the collected crop to cook, we usually have to do farm work, the sale of agricultural and sideline products when life money is about rural pastoral life experience.

The "wild kitchen" is a scene in the forest, streams and empty sea, all in nature, while the guests everyday is a side of the car on the road around the shuttle in the day, a beautiful place to stop and explore local delicacies of venison, so uncertainty is stronger.

Reality TV show, guest character, and in the interaction of running, are important elements constituting the main structure of the program. Don't blow black, between the three guests, Wang Han Li Dan, Lin Yanjun often sparks.

After 70 Wang Han's hosting skills make it easy to control the rhythm, while Wang Han's cooking is clearance.

80 Li Dan is a major source of the show smile, when lazy he was thrown into the field to work, the absolute sense of joy that comes.

90 Lin Yanjun wild life skills is almost zero, three resident guests of the "green", the current performance is not power but.

Who is the "yearning for life" permanent guest of Huang Lei, the director of the "wild" kitchen.

For the "wild", Huang Lei's interpretation

The first is "wild", were selected in the viewfinder, but will not often go for curious place; secondly, as a city, leaving the comfortable life circle to another environment, can be seen as a "wild"; the last is the soul of the "wild", and the usual psychological is not the same, keep relaxed state can also be called "wild".

Indeed, "wild kitchen" through copywriting, guest commentary, late flower words, it again emphasizes the concept of "wild". The program group is too wild to give the meaning of a tall, but a somewhat deliberate and excessive force, such as the "Chicken Soup for the soul" of the sermon text.

In fact, a good slow variety without so many stiff unexpected truths and subtitle blessing, or to delicacy or to beauty, as long as it can let the audience feel no interest and ordinary to life, enthusiasm is enough.

Some of the catch details, and can not grasp. The first phase of the program of "local venison" introduced less and less, only in the form of animation made a brief introduction to the big local bacteria, mushroom picking pictures only picking more pictures just playing guests gathered in a small beach picnic, talk to say.

The slow variety kernel is no more than two words: "return". Abandon the gorgeous stage and lights, throwing heavy theme and content. However, it is not difficult to find in the process, return to shallow level can be done, but really leave the burden, to return to the initial human habitat is not so easy.

"Kitchen" on the outskirts of the construction of wild, wild, rural life, seems to return to nature, it is interesting to imagine based on the middle, it is "unnatural". The program of the "wild", but to highlight the pastoral Lyric good side, but few pastoral life real cruelty and hardship, not to see the garden beside dilapidated cottage, poor households, dirty toilets; even the productive labor has also been put on the thick filter, filled with petty type romantic and poetic.

Slow variety in the past two years to get together, seems to have come to the opposite at the beginning of the heart, a taste of Psychedelic drugs. As at the slow variety, can get out of fast paced life. But this is really a game, so you see, star restaurant, bed and breakfast, and what the real operating pressure; star picnic, an SUV, a car and a local delicacy guide call, this is what kind of "wild kitchen"?



Source: art into Hauptmann

Editor: TF011

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