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"China field cup" recognition ceremony "love each other" ten Film Awards in Beijing

2018-11-04 11:41 beijing evening news TF017

The Ninth "Chinese field cup" excellent movie plays award ceremony held in Beijing, "not a problem", "if you are" in love "," blind, "Xiu Chun knife 2" and other ten films won the "outstanding drama film drama" honor.

The "Chinese field cup" by China Film Association, the central propaganda movie satellite program production of Qianjiang Municipal People's Government of Hubei Province, jointly organized by the center. "China field cup" award outstanding movie plays are considered internal film literature exchange experience, industry research, in recognition of outstanding academic activity. It is reported that the ninth session of the "China field cup" selection range is 2017 officially released, including the annual domestic movie channel and broadcast the domestic film works. The current selection in accordance with the "China field cup" Regulations "provisions, adhere to the ideological, artistic, ornamental uniform standard, pay attention to script literature, film characteristics and artistic innovation. The selection of the industry experts "recommended", produced twenty-two finalists; by 13 judges after careful observation, full discussion, finally produced the ballot of ten "outstanding movie plays".

Since the "Chinese field cup" nine total in recognition of outstanding films 72 plays, to summarize and carry forward our script creation experience, and strengthen the status of film literature in the creation of the film, improve the quality of film works, promote the prosperity of the film, played a positive role.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Wang Jinyue

Editor: TF017

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