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Liu Zhibing Yan Danchen starred in "another year" in March three premiere in Beijing film focusing on poverty

2018-11-04 11:37 network TF017

To celebrate the anniversary of reform and opening up, the establishment of the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region 60 40 anniversary tribute film shooting is a "March 3" held a premiere in Beijing. The modern art form through the movie this vibrant Chupin, from traditional Zhuang culture symbol, focusing on poverty battle, demonstrating the "glorious era and 60 years of magnificent new Guangxi" to the capital of the audience.

The film adapted from writer Muxin novels, by Liu Zhibing, starring Yan Danchen, tells the story of the hero Huang Yonghua once experienced a period of 70s, the last century after years of youth to the countryside, he once again to "village first secretary" returned to the land to help people escape poverty, to guard the touching story. Director Ma Lei said, the film revolves around the theme of love and waiting for the sacrifice, emotional depth of the protagonist youth period of simple and beautiful, and with his years again after returning this masterstroke. "What we want is not only a historic event, but choose to stand in the perspective of people as objectively as possible to look at the figures, witnessed the changes of the times. Old friends meet with echoes of the era of reform, during the long years of decades, the introduction of infinite emotion."

The film also reflects the local characteristics of the Zhuang people, the creation of the film screenwriter Li Huarong theme song lyrics to "another year" in March three transfer warmth and Zhuang people's characteristics, "Zhuang song have wine, like the sun and moon" Hey, hold the handle of the Guangxi landscape and cultural notes, lyrics transfer from the past and the future, the static and dynamic collocation, all export new power at the same time. The famous composer Zhao Xiaoye to join, the movie theme song creation.

Director Ma Lei said that the film in Jingxi film, not only shows the Jingxi area of the original ecological geographical features, but also show the local Aboriginal rustic life, "youth seems far away from us, but the story of youth, but close to us, but we all have a friend or elder is the epitome of similar characters the role of the."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Wang Jinyue

Editor: TF017

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