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The musical "phoenix": and God Maharaja volcano can let the child parents relish

2018-11-04 11:26 beijing evening news TF017

In the musical circles, as producer, director and writer to compose multiple roles in one, not many people, Wan Jun is one of them. After the musical "Zi Shi Jie", Wan Jun launched the adaptation of the novel of the same name of the "phoenix" and four volcano god. After several months of intense rehearsals, the musical "phoenix" and across the volcano yesterday and today in the flyover Art Center staged.

"The children play, parents paternity, this is common to most parent-child play. Now many young parent-child drama plot, lack of meaning, the children in the theater to see happy, the parents in the doze." Although transferred to the musical circle time is not long, but has been dealing with the music of Wan Jun is acutely aware of the problem, he hopes, tells the story of "love and hope" phoenix "and" God Maharaja volcano can truly become a let the whole family can enjoy the work. Although the mythology, but the "phoenix" and "God Maharaja volcano is for all pure heart, not just children, adults also to awaken heart buried innocence".


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Gao Qian

Editor: TF017

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