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"Zhengyang door small woman" Hairong Tian acting stunning believe: good actors do not pursue one good

2018-11-04 10:52 beijing evening news TF011

"Little woman" in Zhengyang under the door, as silk boss Chen Xueru Hairong Tian also received a public praise with acting. Nowadays many color value at the beginning of his idol, Hairong Tian pure bright is impressive, the years rush the passage of time, and over the years on the performance and perception of life and let her acting "again" amazing.

Although the title of "Little Women", Hairong Tian stressed that they are dismantling the "big business" perspective of role. She thinks Chen Xueru is a real businessman, "Draper boss who can not when her brother, are not business, but Chen Xueru can do fast, no great wisdom is impossible to do. At the same time, she is also a very well-educated woman, have seen a lot of things to talk big, agile, absolute scenes of people."

For example, the Xu Huizhen Inn opened, Chen Xueru will take the foreign guests come to join, absolutely bright enough. After entering the pub, Chen Xueru CuiShengSheng congratulations, a few words out of an empty table, a homeopathic leading the whole tavern chat rhythm, which shares the colorful pressure strength, let the audience see quite enjoyable. When Xu Huizhen was in trouble, Chen Xueru never stand, there is no shortage of timely assistance more icing on the cake. However, even in the era of big wave of ups and downs, Chen Xueru has not deviated from the rules say sensible attitude, Hairong Tian concluded: "she is never bleeding, what people should help, what people should not help, have their attention, and good, is always adhere to the beginning of the heart Chen Xue ru."

Beautiful and successful women have always been regarded as a rose with thorns, and Chen Xueru in the play and has not changed the "little woman" temperament. In the eyes of Hairong Tian, Chen Xueru is a pure woman of water, "water conservancy things without struggle, she will know what their installed in the vessel, in order to better reflect the value of their own." If in accordance with the secular point of view, Chen Xueru's emotional life extremely difficult, first husband was having an affair, the second husband swept away all the house, but it did not beat her. There have been painful and uncomfortable, but Chen Xueru was soon out of the haze, clean up the mood, and the courage to meet the new life and love. Chen Xueru asked Fan Jinyou to help him home, a few words of coquetry, has let the fan in action. Chen Xueru wanted to marry Fan Jinyou, a dinner, a few cups of wine, direct confession let Fan Jinyou go home to do my work unable to resist sustain the blows, go. Hairong Tian's charm is not deliberately, but their flow between smart, every twinkle and smile, is irresistible. Hairong Tian Chen Xueru is not created from the inside of the woman, she is in the small part of the feelings of women, to make the character more soft and rich, also can form more empathy with the audience. She said: "most women have weakness in love, but Chen Xueru is very pure, very clean in love, she never clear-cut, that will go to. Something bad, I accept, accept everything down, well, enjoy the moment, love and life of this woman is better."

"Little woman" in Zhengyang under the door with nearly 40 years of time span, with Chen Xueru, a woman of different ages and aesthetic state was performed with all threads neatly tied up. Master the growth of the strong role of acting excellent actor, is undoubtedly a gluttonous dinner, during which the sway of release. As a silk female boss Hairong Tian, especially in the lines with a bit of Nanyin, because the business is always dealing with the merchant of Suzhou, a dialect more close emotion, similar details of the performance in the play is pitching is. The play, Chen Xueru's voice is Hairong Tian's true voice, play from more than 20 to fifty or sixty years old, each stage of the voice is slightly different. Interestingly, Hairong Tian later overhears the original sound, did not recognize his voice. His speech to "cheat" in the past, Hairong Tian himself was surprised, but said she is happy, it is by the reality of the sound, the voice actor and not a single mode, each state at any time adjust the tone and how emotions are special skills as an actor.

Chen Xueru's hard is that experienced so many storms, but not collapse, and the woman is not just outside just, mastering the degree is not easy. In Hairong Tian's view, and realize the role people play one, first from the actor's own talent and creative ability, and the accumulation of life and experience can also help you to express the best state. She said: "innate understanding is important, it is essential to be learned in books for the actor, actor can never feel, your daily life bit by bit, with people playing, finally will exert a potential role in the role of." In Hairong Tian's view, the actor of the occupation, the threshold is very high. Because it is no exaggeration to say that good actors are using life performance, energy density and a person, is always limited, do not squander their artistic life. Love play as love life, if you do not encounter the good role, would rather wait. She always knew that "life is to live a good life, is not a good."



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jin Liwei

Editor: TF011

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