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Ni Dahong directed Jiang Wenli to "little woman" in Zhengyang under the door to play the Beijing man eat a lot of pain

2018-11-04 10:42 beijing evening news TF011

By Jiang Wenli, starring Ni Dahong's emotional drama "Zhengyang a young woman" is the Beijing TV, Jiangsu satellite TV, not only for a few days the summit of the 52 City ratings list, online score is reached 8.2, and this is not only the "Zhengyang gate", the two collaboration with director Liu Jiacheng Ni Dahong. The play, Ni Dahong sported a tricycle, with the most down to earth, the most realistic way, bring the audience into the last century in 50s and 60s, burning passion, carrying countless stories into the tavern, savoring a generation of entrepreneurs sour, sweet, bitter, hot.

In the "Zhengyang door small woman", Ni Dahong bluntly, "this is directed to the teacher Jiang Wenli and teacher Jiang Wenli, because want to cooperate a!" Ni Dahong think, with their own dramas and Jiang Wenli reached a hitherto unknown understanding, "I used to just watch and learn Jiang Wenli's works, the two people are together to complete a work, in the creation of two people very understanding, and have a lot of play is increasing, Hui can crash out of unexpected circumstances." The scene of the play are courting, played by Jiang Wenli Xu Huizhen, a large number of lines, but Cai Quanwu is only a few words. Two people with the most full of emotions, performances of young lovers sincere and warm, even the director is reluctant to stop shouting, deliberately left the two actors for a long time in silence, "when Jiang Wenli and I were on the teacher, if we still lack some understanding in" I have said before, "the composition the moment of the family, will have."

For the first time with the Jiang Wenli partner starred in a couple, and the time span of fifty years, Rangchu had read the script and Ni Dahong somewhat disturbing: "young people just played, only more than 20 years old. More than 80 years old to me I also dare to handle this, at the age of twenty or thirty I was a little embarrassed, I am not very confident." In order to alleviate the pressure on Ni Dahong, but also some of the actors in the cast ridicule, "your factory set is so old! So right."

In addition to break their own age limit, the "anti man" character set is to let Ni Dahong suffered a lot, talking about the play a young scenes, Ni Dahong recalled: "because the whole play mostly in this small bar inside, I often exercise to move the wine jar, don't stop back and forth down. The big jar was sixty or seventy cm high, then the large cylinder installed inside the jar mouth, half water, estimated to have a forty or fifty pounds." As a partner of Jiang Wenli, such as old friends, always concerned about Ni Dahong, "is to encourage me to get more exercise, all the rest," I told you to eat this, not eat that "really is like the play couple."

The role of Cai Quanwu Ni Dahong's most attractive place is quiet, the most difficult is not love to talk, "he was a little man down to earth, I want to pick him this gas pick on me." In order to better show the old Beijing man charm, Ni Dahong read a lot of history, the initiative to ask for advice of old Beijing actors, from the form, the language under the foot work, played live this at first glance have great wisdom but make no reply, role. Even the director Liu Jiacheng also could not help but sigh: "Cai Quanwu is Beijing people are the essence of god. His tolerance and patience, not more than words, but the heart is a mirror, the selfless, are played out red."

From a "anti man", to the vice chairman of the company, the penniless bachelor, his wife and daughter to complete a master, Ni Dahong is not only the role of Cai Quanwu's interpretation, it is a complete life a person in different time and different position of interpretation. How to transform the middle-aged actor has been performing arts circle is often mentioned the topic. As an actor, Ni Dahong has been trying different personas creation, trying to break all of his impression: "I am a bit anxious, because it is on the side of the age of middle-aged people, do not know how many times I get to play the role of love, I hope I can live up to the actors in this occupation. At the same time, I hope to give the audience the performance is different, and non stereotyped works, it is our responsibility as one of the artists."



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Qiu Wei

Editor: TF011

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