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The latest Beijing weather forecast: rain and snow wind come today afternoon haze gradually dispersed

2018-11-04 08:06 beijing evening news TF011

This morning, the cold air has "army", Northwestern Yanqing's air quality has improved, the reporter learned that, with the main cold air to Beijing, the city will gradually improve air quality in the afternoon, the evening to a good level of improvement. Note that the strong cold air forces, today the city will usher in the rain, wind, mountain and sleet or snow, we go out to also note the rain, wind and warm.

Cheng Gong photo data figure

Yesterday during the day, in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei North West low convergence zone, Beijing south central Hebei Taihang Mountain along the city had severe pollution. According to the Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center, Beijing since yesterday began at 9 PM2.5 concentration rose to five level of severe pollution levels. PM2.5 component monitoring results show nitrate for Beijing PM2.5 primary components, mainly related to mobile source and industrial sources of emissions of nitrogen oxides, Southeast of Beijing boundary monitoring points and coal related chlorine ion concentration is also high.

Yesterday evening, the humidity is increased, the gradual emergence of inversion, pollution emissions increased, the diffusion conditions deteriorate, pollution concentration increased. The city's air quality in five severe pollution levels, some Torgovnik especially southwest of Fangshan, the air quality was the highest level of six serious pollution.

This morning, the cold front has arrived in Beijing and Hebei border area. The northern suburbs of rainfall, air quality began to improve. 7 in the morning, from the Ministry of environment information China environmental monitoring station, the northern Yanqing summer monitoring station of PM2.5 concentration has been from 4 a.m. at 154 micrograms / cubic meter quickly dropped to 24 micrograms / cubic meter, reached the level of optimization level; concentration of the town of Changping has dropped to 102 micrograms / cubic meters of light pollution the level of. Reporters from the municipal environmental protection department, this morning, the cold air gradually penetrate, light rain, pollution gradually eased, the afternoon with the main cold air further south, the diffusion conditions improved, the evening air quality improvement to a good level. It is reported that the next few days affected by cold air, Beijing air quality will be maintained at a good level.

Note that, according to the meteorological department forecast this morning, the upper reaches of Beijing Zhangjiakou area in 6, short-term gusts around 7, during the day overcast with mist turn drizzle (mountain sleet or snow), 3, 4 (the north wind gust 6 or so) to 2, the highest temperature of 11 degrees at night; Warrington, North 1, level 2, the minimum temperature of 2 degrees. Today the wind and rain accompanied by the temperature dropped significantly, the body feeling cold, you need to add warm clothing; rain made the road slippery, travel please pay attention to traffic safety. The cold air is expected to slow southward, expected visibility of 8 to 9 in northern and western area improved, noon city improved visibility. Torgovnik Torgovnik



Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Zhang hang

Editor: TF011

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