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Beijing weather forecast: the latest Sunday or Wednesday at low temperature and heating test

2018-11-03 19:25 beijing morning post TF003

The pollution process in the prediction of peak today as scheduled. At present, Beijing's air quality has been in severe pollution level. We go out to pay attention to the protection.


Beijing municipal environmental monitoring center data show that 12, six districts of the city average PM2.5 concentration of 198 micrograms / cubic meter; Northwest 198 micrograms / cubic meter; Northeast 152 micrograms / cubic meter; southeast of 188 micrograms / cubic meter; Southwest 215 micrograms / cubic meter.

@ Beijing environmental monitoring map

Poor visibility in Beijing today

From the present situation of the pollution in the air, the weak effect of northeast, East, east city of Haidian, with moderate pollution, severe pollution levels in other areas. Today, the city is in the lower pressure, to southerly, air quality is expected to be severe pollution, we should make proper protection.

Forecast tomorrow morning, with the arrival of the cold air, Beijing fog and haze will disappear. This cold air will bring rain and snow, tomorrow is still difficult to see the blue sky and white clouds.

Tomorrow or snow, pay attention to the protection!

Beijing Municipal Meteorological Observatory is expected to Beijing tomorrow during the day with light rain, the mountain is sleet or snow. At the same time, the temperature continues to drop, the temperature is only 12 degrees, may be a low in autumn. With the cold air strikes, Beijing on 4 may be opened on the winter process. Perennial Beijing winter date is November 1st.

To adhere to adhere to, immediately heating!

According to the Municipal Meteorological Bureau of the overall temperature heating season from November 2018 to March 2019, preliminary estimates, the average temperature in plain area of the city for the 1 to 2 degrees Celsius, slightly higher than normal. According to the regulations, if there is no sudden drop in temperature, snow and other extreme weather, the heating units scheduled for 7 August 11 unified ignition test run, 11 month 15 days, to ensure that the residents of the home room temperature standard.

During the test run, the city management committee and the requirements of the district heating units during the test run in the heating system of hot commissioning, system circulation and pipeline leaking problems, early detection, early treatment, to ensure that the official residents of the home heating heating temperature reaches 18 degrees celsius.

Tip of the general public friends pay close attention to heating facilities in the home, if the heating is not hot, running water Water Leakage situation at home, you can directly dial the heating unit cell phone repair service solution.

If the heating unit is left untreated or fails the ignition test run, can call 12345 to make a complaint hotline.

Source: Beijing Morning News

Editor: TF003

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