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This thing for you to do! Lok Street No. 99 hospital, Lucheng Town Xing Zhuang village governance dust

2018-11-03 18:55 beijing evening news TF003

This Wednesday, the newspaper reported the Tongzhou District Lok Street No. 99 hospital, Lucheng Town Xing Zhuang village dust problem. Among them, Lok Street 99 hospital idle green weeds have been removed, leaving the size of a football field in loess, although the enclosure block, but area residents still worry about dust problem; also in Xing Zhuang village village due to road maintenance is not timely, sprinkler and other reasons, resulting in traffic after will produce a lot of dust, affecting the lives of the residents.

The publication of the report, the relevant departments immediately for rectification of tongzhou. Reporters from the Tongzhou District Propaganda Department learned that, after verification, Lok Street No. 99 hospital is a unit of space, the space was in hospital and a mixed grassland enclosure, into the autumn and winter, dry weeds, there is a fire safety hazard, to strengthen the management, the unit to remove the enclosure of weeds in October 25th, become "bare", the dust problem.

Through communication and coordination, actively carry out the work of property units, the use of dust filter of the land cover, and dust suppression measures. As of November 1st, the land cover has completed all the work, the dust problem has been properly resolved. The relevant departments will continue to track control, strengthen supervision, prevent the problem again.

For the dust problem Xing Zhuang village, the reporter understands, Lucheng Town Xing Zhuang village dust point is located in Chaobai River Right Bank Road, the old road reconstruction project, construction began in October 8th and is expected to be completed in November 15th all road construction.

Tongzhou District municipal, urban and territorial government immediately rushed to the scene, the scene, according to the specific circumstances, timely and the construction unit responsible for the communication, the dust problem quickly. At present, the construction along the road on both sides are the use of construction waste dustproof net cover, multi frequency road dust sprinkler, sprinkler dust every day about one hour interval frequency. When the vehicle passes through no longer generate dust, dust control measures have been put in place. Next, the municipal urban management department, and will continue to patrol territorial control of the construction area, to ensure the long-term stay.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Qunchen

Editor: TF003

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