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Chinese International Fashion Week (spring summer 2019) closing the main Chinese Fashion Awards

2018-11-03 13:07 North late New Vision Network TF003

The evening of November 2nd, high-end fashion clothing brand EP - in 751D PARK79 was released on the theme of "melting pot" of the new 2019SS series, as Chinese International Fashion Week (spring summer 2019) perfect Huashangjuhao professional activities. Along with the EP - Night - Chinese international fashion week closing ceremony and China Fashion Awards 2018 annual awards ceremony held a grand, much attention outside the industry's Chinese Fashion Award 2018 Chinese fashion design top award, best fashion designer, Chinese top fashion designers occupation Designer Award, best fashion model, China ten occupation occupation fashion model other occupation model award, and the best fashion photographer, best fashion commentator and fashion brands and fashion elite award occupation (garments) brand award at the awards ceremony announced one by one, so far, China International Fashion Week (spring summer 2019) successfully concluded.

The Chinese International Fashion Week Organizing Committee of the annual professional contest "China Fashion Awards", with the fashion week ahead of the annual Chinese fashion awards ceremony has become an annual event Chinese fashion elites and year-end awards, the flowers who attracted widespread attention outside the industry.

China International Fashion Week (2019 Summer Series) with "Xiangyang" as the theme, from 10 to 11 25 April June 2 for 9 days, from home and abroad more than 140 brand and nearly 150 designers, in the nest culture center, golden hall, Beijing Hotel 751D - PARK Beijing Fashion Co. Hold more than 130 fashion conference, professional design contest, news release, salon, professional seminars and other special events, conference number, designers in quantity, brand internationalization degree index hit a record high fashion week. Reflected in the new era China fashion, Chinese creative set sail again, the development of contemporary Chinese fashion industry prosperity, founded 21 years Chinese International Fashion Week plays a powerful influence and radiation force.

Issued by the brand and designers this season's fashion week series of activities in the fashion fashion has been largely covering the whole industry chain, including women's clothing, men's clothing, sportswear, casual wear, jacket, jeans, dress, wedding dress, trendy clothing, children clothing, bags, shoes and hats, category, glasses, scarves etc. accessories products. Brand products are becoming more and more rich, more and more diversified, more and more diversified; creative designers design more and more fine differentiation, style is more and more clear, focus on Chinese fashion industry new features in this fashion week, while highlighting the important supporting role China international fashion week, pushing the prosperity of Chinese fashion industry.

As one of the China fashion industry leading brands, high-end fashion clothing brand leader and Chinese International Fashion Week (spring summer 2019) closing ceremony and China Fashion Awards partner EP YAYING focused on China of traditional culture, aesthetics, fashion, technology research and interpretation, fusion of contemporary aesthetic shape, Chinese senior fashion brand image. EP - 2019SS release show, to the "melting" as the theme, expression of the natural fear of the world, the Chinese cultural respect, harmonious integration of man and nature, art and cultural collision sparks. But the scene by the COLLECTIF team had the French contemporary art and the creation of Zhang Yimou "dialogue, fable 2047" SCALE, with EP for the first time in Chinese YAYING, released a fashion brand, a new show by music, visual, light fusion dialogue bring multimedia art experience.

Deep link industry resources

More experience from the changes in Chinese fashion industry in the new era. Industrial transformation and upgrading of consumption by iteration, artificial intelligence, information technology as the core of the symbol of the fourth industrial revolution, the revolutionary far-reaching influence on the development of the fashion industry. Meet people's expectations for a better life, provides opportunities for the development of the great and the kinetic energy of the fashion industry. "A new era is new as a new era, there will be a new location. The China international fashion week to continue to strengthen the play links to industry chain platform function and promote the development of service function, build positive interaction bridge in order to optimize the allocation of resources at home and abroad are. Creative design, fashion promotion and brand building as the center, as the international fashion publishing platform, China international fashion week in the fashion industry is committed to enhance the international influence and voice, to guide the public consumption trends, promote the creative design industry development at the same time, also carrying the guide industrial upgrading and promote the docking task design and market.

In the China International Fashion Week (spring 2019 Series) series of activities, for the first time to separate appearances as a new unit of the children's series released 26 childish fashion designers brought many well-known children's clothing release, not only let the lovely, naivete adorable baby became the fashion week in a beautiful scenery, but also show important platform for fashion week is closely attached to industrial development, comprehensive industrial resource link. I believe this section of the monarch, is bound to the current market development speed, high potential, good trend of children's clothing industry development play a positive role in promoting effective.

As China International Fashion Week official supporting exhibition, is committed to promoting the industrial chain China fashion industry improve, meet DHUB domestic fashion retail market demand for personalized exchange, with a high matching degree and the effectiveness of the service, multi dimension integration advantages of resources, build a docking and cooperation promote trade business platform for buyers and Industry from around the world, to create a business atmosphere and experience a new fashion. DHUB 2019SS design meeting lasted 4 days, gathering style rich in a wide range of domestic and foreign brand design, completed the design, production, processing, materials to build a closed-loop ecological model of the terminal sales. 17 Commercial dock, dynamic display and exchange activities of a large number of new boutique full debut season, brings many opportunities for designers and brands, open a link design and trading business window.

The Chinese international fashion week opening reception, sponsored by Guo Pei, Lawrence Hu, Chen Yehuai, Lan Yu, Marry Ma, Zhang Zhifeng, Liu Chao, Wang Peiyi, Xiong Ying, Ma Ying 10 Chinese haute couture designer the China advanced customization Committee was formally established. This represents a new mechanism for the highest level, Chinese fashion art show the essence of Oriental culture, will focus on the discovery and cultivation of China top senior custom design talents, make full use of China a long and splendid cultural heritage, and further create China fashion elegant high-end culture, promote Chinese couture and creative technology and global the fashion industry standards, surging more creative and cooperation, promote the spirit of Oriental culture China contains high fashion to the world stage, high-end fashion field won the right of discourse.

Fashion highlight the cultural self-confidence

The inheritance and innovation of traditional culture China, has always been Chinese international fashion week, designers focus on creation. As chairman of China Fashion Association Zhang Qinghui said: with 20 years of history Chinese international fashion week has a distinct characteristics, is the inheritance and use of traditional culture and local Chinese fashion elements. The fashion designers brought to the traditional culture, ethnic costumes, such as rich and colorful cultural heritage project creative display, fully embodies the contemporary fashion designers in the China context of the development of the fashion industry worldwide, according to the development of the times background for the new expression of culture, comparative advantage in the development of China fashion industry and long Chinese traditional culture elements each other.

In the personalized, diversified, green consumption wave, the impact of new technology and the Internet, big data, intelligent manufacturing, many designers strongly reflects the original design, style characteristics, the traditional spiritual heritage of innovation, and the characteristics of the times. The expression of China culture, highlights the contemporary fashion designers perfect China style characteristics, the typical change to go to symbolic, in their design work from the innovation, the traditional fabric of traditional etiquette structure change, landscape landscape and the humanities custom creative ideas, Chinese culture embodies and creative spirit as the era of life style, build new advantages of a new era of Chinese fashion industry, to the world "based on the expression of the Oriental aesthetic value, is rooted in the traditional culture China fashion standards."

NE TIGER with only the Ocean maritime Silk Road, the designer a SIP to Liangshan Yi Niu wool products "wipe qualities" into modern dress, to use &HELY to "anti Yue Fei gold tribute, EVE CINA presented new grassland charm," kapok "attention to traditional manual batik, Zhou Niu Hai" has the custom pork, Qu Tingnan special silk, Zhu Zheling to explore the "binary Ian, empty white for the song, Feng Sansan, committed to hometown incense cloud silk about" Yehiel Bernard La ", Huang Gang China unique hi knot, history and legend of Gaia walking in the desert, on 80s, d.VII recalls the sea century Zhuang Ganran" Liangzhu Culture "into the pure rabbit hair, Chu Yan Feng opened with" new style of Tang ", Deng Zhaoping in charge. Jordan, forget the lotus as the border student" uniforms ", Sun Xiuqin / / / Wang Tao Fen should Yihua love Aidelaisi, Zhang Yichao integrated three Rongchang intangible cultural heritage...... Many kinds of Chinese culture reflected in the design of new products with the sense of the times, commercial value, has become a unique core value of the new era China fashion to the world. The Chinese outstanding practitioners are actively practicing the cultural self-confidence, the Chinese culture through their ideas to the world. Chinese fashion industry is open, to explore the traditional culture and international vision, showing the power of design, sound for Chinese fashion.

Open into the era of Vientiane

"How to integrate productivity effectively, play a central role in leading the fashion industry transformation and upgrade, play a fundamental role in the fashion industry to promote the process of city civilization, constructing the relationship between the Chinese fashion discourse, but also related to the best expression of cultural self-confidence." China international fashion week will face the future view to become a linkage to achieve comprehensive global fashion related industry, to meet the individual needs of the industry and will try to cross platform, multi platform, its advantage to the platform by the linkage of social resources, to the fashion industry as the basis for the user stickiness and user time, to achieve the domestic demand the guidance of consumption, as well as the foreign cultural confidence presentation.

In order to fashion creative design as the core of the cultural industry, is an essential factor of shaping the city civilization gene. This fashion week are extended to the international territory and cultural landmarks - the bird's nest, by inviting internationally influential designers are released, Chinese international fashion week in promoting trade and cultural cooperation, in-depth city life, city driven fashion, to create stylish city marking a new step.

In the face of consumption upgrading, disruptive impact of business transformation and information revolution, how to shorten the distance between the creative design, fashion and the general public, the market, has become the most direct problem in contemporary fashion industry face. The China international fashion week to actively adopt digital information means, through strategic cooperation with major portals, enhance information timeliness, public participation interaction degree, the rapid expansion of communication range, enhance the dissemination effect.

Is an important duty of Chinese international fashion week to explore and cultivate excellent designers, leading to the international China fashion fashion week at the same time, has become the cradle of nurturing design rookie, fostering excellent designer growth. Young creative group China fashion industry show in this season's fashion weeks in style, as well as for the new culture, creative design, answer, life, business, let people see clearly the future is full of hope.

In the Chinese 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, the fashion industry has undergone changes in turn the world upside down today, practitioners are standing in the hitherto unknown height, with diverse manifestations of cultural self-confidence to face the market, facing the world. As the development of the fashion industry China mapping mirror, Chinese international fashion week, steady and sustained development trend, also shows that Chinese fashion industry development trend in new era, good health.

Many years ago, the famous director Teng Wenji has made a very nice drama "Beijing autumn story", said that in the new era for youth, struggle, the story of passion; today, also in Beijing deep autumn end of the Chinese international fashion week, telling the same in the new era to struggle, innovation, and stick to the beautiful story. This story, maybe it really is just beginning.

Chinese Fashion Award 2018 award announcement

According to the "constitution" China international fashion week, "China Fashion Awards rules (Trial)" the provisions and rules, China International Fashion Week Organizing Committee on 11 may 2018 years in Beijing 2, the selection of the 2018 annual Chinese Fashion Awards Awards, are hereby announced as follows:

First, the twenty-second Chinese fashion design "golden prize":

1, the "Golden Award" designer: Zhao Huizhou

2, the "Golden Award" Nomination Designer: Chu Yan, Zhang Yichao

Two, the 2018 annual best fashion designer:

1, best fashion designer: Wang Yutao

2, the best men's designer: Pan Yiliang

Three, the twenty-fourth China top 10 Fashion designer:

Yu Qian, Shi Hongwei, Huang Li, Yang Jingjing, Li Ying, Huang Gang, Lin Qi, Zhu Guangyan, Hao Weimin, Du Leiyang

Four, the 2018 annual fashion brand award:

95 wire, 1919 Royal YUDAHUA, incense cloud's hometown, Liu Shengyi, Chu and Xiang, listen to language, EVE CINA, Grace at Chen, d.VII, LANDI

Five, 2018 year occupation fashion model:

1, best female models: Zhang Lingyue

2, best male models: Wang Chenming

Six, the twenty-first China ten occupation fashion model:

1, female models: Ma Yi Han, Wang Han, Lv Jiana, Liu Chunjie, Xu Jing, Xiao Yao, Zhang Lingyue, Zhao Yan, Jiang Beibei, Liang Xiangqing

2, male models: Wang Chenming, Wang Haodong, Ye Xiang, Liu Hao, Xu Bolang, Yang Hao, Zhang Xin, Zhang Zhongyu, Zhang Wen Hui, Zang Zhenxue

Seven, the 2018 annual best fashion commentator: Wang Danyang

Eight, the 2018 annual best fashion photographer: Wang Tong

Best photography commentator

China chairman of the International Fashion Week Organizing Committee Special Prize - YAYING group Limited by Share Ltd

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