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China Fashion Week (2019 spring and summer series) closes. Chinese fashion awards go to their owners.

2018-11-03 13:07. New Vision Network TF003

On the evening of November 2nd, EP, the fashion high-end women's clothing brand, released the theme of "2019SS" new product series "751D" in the "PARK79 PARK79", which drew a perfect ending for the professional activities of China International Fashion week. Along with the EP Yat night - the China International Fashion week closing ceremony and the China Fashion Awards 2018 annual awards ceremony was held. The Chinese Fashion Awards, including the China top 2018 fashion designers, the best fashion designers, the top ten fashion designers in China, the best professional fashion models, the top ten professional fashion models of China, and the best fashion photographers, best fashion commentators and fashion brands award were announced at the awards ceremony. At this point, China International Fashion Week (2019 spring summer series) came to a successful conclusion.

The China Fashion Awards, organized by the China International Fashion Week Organizing Committee, and the fashion festival on Monday, the annual Chinese fashion awards ceremony has become the annual event of the year-end inventory of Chinese fashion industry and the elites of the industry.

China International Fashion Week (2019 spring and summer series) takes the theme of "sunny to live". From October 25th to November 2nd, 9 days, more than 140 brands from home and abroad and nearly 150 Chinese and foreign designers have held more than 130 fashion events, professional design competitions, news releases, Sharon forums, professional lectures and other special events in the Beijing fashion center, such as the bird nest culture center, Beijing Hotel Golden Hall and 751D PARK. It shows that in the new era of Chinese fashion and Chinese creativity once again, the development of China's fashion industry is full of prosperity. The China Fashion Week, founded for 21 years, has a strong influence and radiation.

In the fashion week series this year, the fashion brands and designers have covered the fashion industry chain, including women's clothing, men's wear, sportswear, casual wear, down garments, jeans, fashionable clothing, wedding dresses, children's clothing, children's clothing, clothing accessories, shoes, hats, glasses and scarves. Brand products are becoming more and more abundant, more and more diversified, and more and more diversified. Designers' creative designs are becoming more and more fragmented and their style positioning clearer. They focus on the new features of China's fashion industry in this fashion week. At the same time, it highlights the important support role of China International Fashion Week in promoting and flourishing China's fashion industry.

As one of the leading brands of China's fashion industry, the leader of the fashion high-end women's wear brand and the partner of China Fashion Week (2019 spring summer series) closing ceremony and the China Fashion Awards Presentation Ceremony, EP Ya Ying focuses on the exploration and deduction of Chinese traditional culture, aesthetics, clothing and technology, and integrates contemporary aesthetics to create the image of China's advanced fashion brand. EP Ya Ying 2019SS released a show, with "fusion" as the theme, express the fear of heaven and earth, respect for Chinese culture, harmony between man and nature, art and humanity collide with fireworks. At the scene, the French contemporary art team COLLECTIF SCALE, who had created dialogue and fable 2047 with Zhang Yimou, joined EP Ya Ying, for the first time in the release of Chinese fashion brands, a new multimedia art experience brought about by the fusion dialogue of music, vision and lighting.

Deep links to industrial resources

More experience comes from changes in the Chinese fashion industry in the new era. Industrial transformation and consumption upgrading iteration, artificial intelligence and information technology as the core symbol of the fourth industrial revolution, has a far-reaching revolutionary impact on the development of fashion industry. Satisfying people's new expectation for a better life has provided tremendous opportunities and momentum for the development of fashion industry. "In the new era, there should be new actions and new positions in the new era. This China Fashion Week will continue to strengthen the platform function of linking all aspects of the industrial chain and promote the service function of industrial development, so as to build a good interactive bridge for the optimal allocation of fashion resources at home and abroad. Focusing on creative design, fashion promotion and brand building, as the publishing platform of international fashion trends, China International Fashion Week is committed to enhancing the international influence and discourse power of the fashion industry, guiding the public consumption trend and promoting the development of creative design industry. At the same time, it also carries the important task of guiding industrial upgrading and promoting the docking of design and market.

In the China International Fashion Week (2019 spring summer series) series of activities, the debut of children's wear series as a new unit was released for the first time. Many fashionable designer children's designers brought 26 fashionable children's fashion releases, which not only made the lovely, innocent and lovely baby become a beautiful scenic spot on this fashion week, but also showed the fashion platform's important platform to closely match the industrial development and fully link the industrial resources. It is believed that the opening of this sector will play a positive and effective role in promoting the development of children's clothing industry with rapid development, great potential and good trend.

As an official supporting exhibition of China Fashion Week, we are committed to promoting the DHUB chain of Chinese fashion industry chain and satisfying the personalized demand of domestic fashion retail market. With high matching and effective services and multi-dimensional integration of superior resources, we build a business platform to promote business docking and cooperation for buyers and professionals from all over the world, and create a new fashion business atmosphere and experience. DHUB design sinks 2019SS for 4 days, converging rich and varied domestic and foreign design brands, and completes the construction of closed loop ecological mode from fabric, design, production, processing to terminal sales. The 17 Commercial docking, dynamic display and exchange activities, a large number of new season boutique debut, bring many business opportunities for designers and brands, open a link design and trading business window.

At the opening ceremony of the China International Fashion Week, China's advanced customization Committee was officially founded by Guo Pei, Lawrence Hu, Chen Yehuai, Lan Yu, Liu Chao, Marry Ma, Zhang Zhifeng, Ma Ying, Wang Peiyi, and 10 senior Chinese custom designers. This new organization, representing the highest level of Chinese fashion art and the most elaborate display of Oriental culture, will focus on developing and cultivating top Chinese top-ranking custom design talents, making full use of China's long and brilliant cultural heritage, and further creating the era of high-end and exquisite culture of Chinese fashion, promoting the creation of Chinese advanced custom fashions and the integration of craft and technology with the global fashion industry, increasing the possibility of more creativity and cooperation, and promoting the Chinese high definition fashion, which contains the essence of Oriental culture, onto the world stage, winning the right to speak in the high-end fashion field.

Fashion highlights cultural confidence

The inheritance and innovation of Chinese traditional culture has always been the focus of designers in the China International Fashion week. As Zhang Qinghui, chairman of the China Fashion Designers Association, said, "China International Fashion Week, which has a history of more than 20 years, has always had a distinct feature, that is, the inheritance and application of Chinese traditional culture and local fashion elements. On this fashion week, the rich and colorful display of traditional culture, national costume and non heritage items brought by designers on the fashion week fully reflects the new expression of contemporary Chinese fashion designers in the context of the development of the global fashion industry, based on the background of the times and the new expression of cultural heritage. The comparative advantages of China's fashion industry development and the long traditional Chinese cultural elements are reflected.

Under the influence of personalized, diversified, green consumption wave, and new technologies such as Internet, big data and intelligent manufacturing, many designers' works strongly demonstrate original design, style characteristics, traditional innovation, spiritual inheritance and characteristics of the times. For the expression of Chinese culture, designers perfectly demonstrate the characteristics of contemporary Chinese fashion, to symbolize the typical transformation. In their design works, from the innovation of traditional fabrics, the change of traditional ritual structure, to the ingenuity of landscapes and landforms and cultural customs, Chinese culture, as a concentrated expression of the lifestyle of the times and the spirit of creativity, constructs a new advantage of the new era of Chinese fashion industry, and expresses to the world the standards of "relying on Oriental aesthetic value and rooted in Chinese traditional culture".

NE·TIGER带着华服远洋海上丝绸之路、设计师阿牛阿呷以将凉山彝族羊毛制品“擦尔瓦”融入现代服饰、上手&HELY向“岳飞抗金”致敬、EVE CINA全新呈现草原神韵、“木棉道”专注手工传统蜡染、周牛牛定制已亥猪年“五花肉”、屈汀南创新特种丝绸、朱哲灵以二进制探究“司南”、空语白向往宋朝、香云故里致力香云纱、冯三三关心“叶赫那拉”、黄刚独喜中国结、盖娅传说行走于历史和大漠、d.VII回忆上世纪80年代下海、庄淦然把 “良渚文化”融入纯兔绒、楚艳用凤揭开“新唐风”、邓兆萍以荷为意莲为境、乔丹忘不了学生时代的“校服”、孙秀琴/程应奋/陶陶/王一桦忠爱“艾德莱斯”、张义超整合荣昌三大非遗…… A wide range of Chinese culture is reflected in the design of new products with contemporary sense and commercial value, becoming the unique core value of Chinese fashion to the world in the new era. Contemporary Chinese excellent fashion practitioners actively practise cultural self-confidence, and SINOCHEM culture goes global through their creativity. China's fashion industry is exploring the tradition in an open and international perspective, displaying the strength of culture and design, and making voice for Chinese fashion.

Openness and integration into the times

"How to play the core role of fashion in leading industrial transformation and upgrading through effective integration of productive forces, play a fundamental role in the process of promoting urban civilization in the fashion industry, and relate to the construction of China's fashion discourse power, is also related to the best expression of cultural confidence." China Fashion Week will focus on the future to become a cross-border platform that can integrate the global fashion and related industries to meet the individual needs of the industry. It will strive to achieve user stickiness and user time through the linkage of the whole social resources with its own multi platform and platform advantages, relying on the fashion industry to achieve user stickiness and user time, and the presentation of external cultural confidence.

The cultural industry centered on fashion creativity and design is a core element of shaping urban civilization genes. This fashion week's fashion territory extends to the international human landmark, the bird's nest. By inviting designers with international influence to make fashion releases, China International Fashion Week has taken a new step in promoting business and cultural cooperation, deepening urban life, promoting urban fashion and creating urban fashion standards.

Faced with the disruptive impact of consumption upgrading, business transformation and information revolution, how to shorten the time and space between creative design, fashion and the general public and market has become the most direct problem facing the contemporary fashion industry. This year China Fashion Week actively adopts digital information means, through strategic cooperation with major portals, to enhance the timeliness of information release and the participation degree of mass activities, and rapidly expand the scope of communication and enhance the communication effect.

To explore and cultivate outstanding designers is an important duty of China fashion week. At the same time, the fashion week has also become the cradle of nurturing new designers and fostering outstanding designers. The young people of China's fashion industry show their elegant demeanor on this week's fashion week, as well as a brand new answer to culture, creativity, design, life and business, so that people can clearly see the hopeful future.

At the 40th anniversary time of China's reform and opening up, the fashion industry has undergone tremendous changes. Today's practitioners are standing at an unprecedented height, facing the market and facing the world with diverse cultural self-confidence. As a mirror to map the development of China's fashion industry, the steady, continuous and continuous development trend of China Fashion Week is also demonstrating the healthy and healthy development trend of China's fashion industry in the new era.

Many years ago, the famous director Teng Wenji once guided a very good TV play, the story of late autumn in Beijing, about the story of youth, struggle and passion in the new era. Today, the international fashion week, which also ends in late autumn in Beijing, tells the same story about struggle, innovation, persistence and beauty in the new era. And this story may have just begun.

China Fashion Awards 2018 annual awards announcement

According to the regulations and rules of the China International Fashion Week and the rules for the selection of Chinese Fashion Awards (Trial), the China Fashion Week Organizing Committee selected the 2018 China Fashion Awards Series in Beijing in November 2, 2018.

First, the twenty-second China Fashion Design "Golden Summit Award":

1, the Golden Summit Designer: Zhao Huizhou

2, the Golden Summit nomination Designer: Chu Yan, Zhang Yichao

The best fashion designer in two and 2018:

1. Best dress designer: Wang Yutao

2. Best men's wear designer: Pan Yiliang

The three and twenty-fourth China top ten fashion designers:

Yu Qian, Shi Hongwei, Huang Li, Yang Jingjing, Lin Qi, Li Ying, Huang Gang, Zhu Guangyan, Hao Weimin, Hao Weimin

Four / 2018 fashion brand award:

95 Si Yu, Yu Da Hua 1919, Xiang Yun hometown, Liu Shengyi, Chu and Xiang Xiang, Bai Lu Yu, EVE CINA, Grace Chen, d.VII, LANDI

Five and 2018 best professional fashion models:

1. Best female model: Zhang Lingyue

2. Best male model: Wang Chenming

The six and twenty-first China top ten professional fashion models:

1, female models: Ma Yi Han, Wang Han, Lv Jiana, Liu Chunjie, Xu Jing, Xiao Yao, Zhang Lingyue, Zhao Yan, Zhao Yan, and

2, male models: Wang Chenming, Wang Haodong, Ye Xiang, Liu Hao, Xu Bolang, Yang Hao, Zhang Xin, Zhang Xin, Zhang, and

Seven / 2018 best fashion commentator: Wang Danyang

Eight, 2018 best fashion photographer: Wang Tong

Best photographer

Special award of chairman of China Fashion Week Organizing Committee - Limited by Share Ltd

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