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High quality beef ingredients to the Idris open beef processing trade projects

2018-11-03 12:37 beijing evening news TF003

From the pig breeding and slaughter to low temperature meat products, fine processing, deep processing of pork in the field of 30 after years of intensive and meticulous farming, domestic carnivorous processing leading brand and business tentacles Idris beef processing field. In November 1st, Delisi group million head of beef processing and trade logistics project opened in Shandong Idris industrial park. Idris Group Executive Chairman Zheng Simin said that this project is not only the beginning of generous advance of beef processing industry is Idris, Idris conform to the upgrading of consumption, accelerate major measures to upgrade the industrial structure of enterprises.

Idris million head (down 300 thousand) beef processing and trade logistics project covers an area of 90 mu, building area of 35 thousand square meters. The project to beef cattle imported from Australia tetrad as raw materials for beef carcass segmentation, mainly for fresh cold beef and deep processed products. The annual imports of beef cattle four split 300 thousand division head, the annual production of 30 thousand tons of fresh cold beef, beef conditioning products 30 thousand tons, cooked meat products 20 thousand tons of production capacity, as the completion of the annual profits of 200 million yuan, providing more than 3000 jobs, 1 billion yuan to create social benefits of beef processing and trade transit center.

Idris Group Executive Chairman Zheng Simin

The project introduced in the United States, Japan, Germany, the world's most advanced manufacturing equipment, greatly reduce the manual operation, the entire production process to achieve the automation and intelligent height. At the same time, the world's leading thawing technology of low temperature and high humidity, which can not only ensure raw material yield and can ensure the quality of beef is not affected.

In addition, the project is also supporting the construction of facilities of imported meat inspection field, approved by the State General Administration of customs, the inspection field can be directly analyzed, imported meat products inspection, production in the convenience of its own at the same time, can also provide customs clearance convenience surrounding imported meat enterprises. Import production base + check mode to establish a one-stop production of raw materials to finished products, will create a set of imported beef here, large meat trade, warehousing, segmentation, processing, logistics as one of the professional platform.

President Li Shuilong China Meat Association

The amount of beef consumption in China is showing substantial growth. Last year China's beef consumption exceeded 9 million tons, close to the market size of 490 billion yuan, to become the world's three major consumer of beef. Italy TWB Group Chairman Mr. Baho Luigi said in his speech, in today's world of beef products in the meat consumption structure accounted for steady growth in Idris ham, chilled meat, fermented ham can be in line with international standards, TWB group will work with a Idris in the international and domestic two aspects. President of China Meat Association Li Shuilong pointed out that after 60 years of construction and development, China's meat consumption has formed a dominant pattern of the market, to plays an important role in promoting the development of national economy. Idris large beef processing project is another masterpiece of pork product development, is an important measure to upgrade the steady development of the transformation of Idris product diversification, Idris, will inject new vitality into the development of China meat industry. Vice president of Chinese Cuisine Association Gao Bingyi also pointed out that the Idris beef processing in the opening of the project, will produce high quality beef ingredients, meet China culinary catering needs, has important significance to improve the diet of Chinese people.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yang Bin

Editor: TF003

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