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"The masked sing will guess" tonight Jin Yong sing classical music drama "rabbit" stage tears

2018-11-03 13:36 beijing evening news TF019

Last week with the Jiangsu satellite TV "masked sing guess" program, Yundi Li Greeny Ng, Sam Lee, Su Yunying four of exposing the surface appearance, guess jury full of a sense of accomplishment. 9 tomorrow, a new phase of the program will usher in the four new sing: "let's rock", "mushroom", "ball" and "Stewed Pork Ball in Brown Sauce". They not only all amazing vocals, and special skills, so guess jury shouted surprised.

The first singer not only exposing the surface "small white rabbit" will also announce the answer in this week. In fact, about her true identity, many users have to guess is a popular webcast of the singer. This program, "the small white rabbit" for the first time to participate in the open heart, talked about his experience: "" masked "a lot of people don't know me, there are a lot of people do not recognize me is a singer, but to have a professional stage and sing to me, I think the temptation is too great the."

This program will sing with her new "mushroom" brought a song "Valentine's Day", the song of the Cantonese version of "as Mr. Jin Yong's most famous works The legend of Condor Hero (95 Edition)" the theme song of the classic spread, then "small white rabbit" and a solo song the "empty heart". In order to encourage her, the team is also preparing a surprise, let her idol Angela Chang recorded a video for her, so in the exposing moment, "small white rabbit" can not help tears stage.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter of Xinhua News Agency: the growth of

Editor: TF019

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