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Yammie Nam died from absolutely beautiful Mount Wutai to sleep in the streets only Jackie Andy Lau had a helping hand

2018-11-03 13:43 beijing evening news TF019

This morning from Hongkong media announced a shocking news: Hongkong fans early this morning, police received a public report, she went to visit friends in Stanley Ma Kengcun when the doorbell did not respond, and then found the door came to find the smell, firefighters broke into the house and found the hostess lying dead in the ground. After the confirmation, the person is a 55 year old Hongkong famous actor Yammie Nam.


In recent days, Hongkong literary circle news news. The first is the famous martial arts novelist Jin Yong died on October 30th, aged 94. In November 2nd, the movie mogul, Golden Harvest Film founder Zou Wenhuai died at the age of 91. But the sad sad news of the death of Yammie Nam came this morning. The golden age of Hongkong entertainment actress, first smash hit, and miserable life, like a rough plot, a lament.

Yammie Nam was born in Hongkong in 1963. 1983 graduated from high school and entered TVB artists training, Carina Lau, Margie Tsang, Sandra Ng, Sean Lau and other famous artists classmates. The young Yammie Nam unlimited scenery, with its elegant appearance of a debut for thousands watched. In 1984 her first TV drama "a wife". Since then, I also include appearances in "color", "righteousness not to spare" and many other popular TVB drama, became the object of the radio station Li peng.

As the golden age of the popular actress of Hongkong TV entertainment. Yammie Nam and Maggie Cheung, Sandra Ng, Chingmy Yau, Carina Lau, Margie Tsang, May Lo, and Anita Mui Mountain Poems sodium yijiejinlan, become Hongkong entertainment famous "Kowloon women". With beautiful appearance and elegant temperament, was called "absolutely beautiful Mount Wutai" (referring to Hongkong radio station, commercial radio, television and Radio Asia Television, BBC TV). However, the sharp character Yammie Nam arrogant made her appearance on several were frozen in Hongkong TVB. 1984 TVB let Yammie Nam change the end of the year, 5 year contract, but she felt too long, only signed up for 2 years, the wireless dissatisfaction, she kept. Then, TVB intended to enable her to shoot again "Hongkong", she too ugly to other Haircut, refused to shoot; the costume piece, she thinks summer is too hot, afraid of fever rash, then refused. TVB rage, gave her a play soon die role, once again be frozen. After being late, Yammie Nam's third TVB was frozen, until the contract expires in 1987, had to leave the TVB.

The 1992 TVB25 Anniversary Show "the big time", and Sean Lau, Vivian Chow, starring Adam Cheng, that Yammie Nam's career in spring, the "Ling sister's life, eventually died. Yammie Nam played for penetrating hair, cloth to hide eyes tough love. She has worked with Stephen Chow many times, in the movie "Westward Journey" as spider spring thirty Niang, gorgeous, impressed the audience.

The career is not successful at the same time, Yammie Nam is so rough, boyfriend of two have died Dutch act. Her parents Disasters pile up on one another. is also in 1995, 1997 passed away, she thinks not filial piety and into deep remorse. In the cause of the most beautiful time, Yammie Nam out of the entertainment business, more and more depressed state, in the late 90's is also passed insane, the reporter also repeatedly photographed her in the street very poor photos. While her suddenly fade out, there is a reason to be sacrificed Ping Hongkong entertainment of the power game to heal. In 2014, Yammie Nam told Hongkong weekly reporter interview said he had raped two powerful people came out with the film, causing her traumatized, the reason cause blocked.

On 2005, Yammie Nam filed for bankruptcy, Hongkong became the first ever government needs to apply for CSSA artists. Yammie Nam was in the circle, only Jackie Chan and Andy Lau two people for her to extend a helping hand. In a recent media interviews, the audience saw her clear and radiant, there is no exception.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Jin Liwei

Editor: TF019

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