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The latest weather forecast: Beijing today has reached the level of severe pollution go out to pay attention to the protection

2018-11-03 12:10 Beijing daily client TF003

The pollution process in the prediction of peak today as scheduled. At present, the city's air quality has reached the level of severe pollution. We go out to pay attention to the protection.

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Beijing municipal environmental monitoring center data show that 11, six districts of the city average PM2.5 concentration of 227 micrograms / cubic meter, has reached the severe pollution.

Today, the city is in the lower pressure, to southerly, air quality is expected to be severe pollution, we should make proper protection. Torgovnik.

Forecast tomorrow morning, with the arrival of the cold air, Beijing fog and haze will disappear. This cold air will bring rain and snow, tomorrow is still difficult to see the blue sky and white clouds.

Beijing Municipal Meteorological Observatory is expected to Beijing tomorrow during the day with light rain, the mountain is sleet or snow. At the same time, the temperature continues to drop, the temperature is only 12 degrees, may be a low in autumn. With the cold air strikes, Beijing on 4 may be opened on the winter process. Perennial Beijing winter date is November 1st.

Author: Luo Qianwen

Producer: Chen Yan

Editor: Huang Pinchao

Source: Beijing daily client

Editor: TF003

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