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The quality of domestic milk powder for the first time won the highest honor in the field of JUNLEBAO won Chinese quality award nomination"

2018-11-03 10:11 beijing evening news TF003

Recently, the third China Quality Awards held in Beijing, JUNLEBAO Dairy Group awarded the "Chinese Quality Award" award, this is the first Chinese dairy enterprises obtain the highest honor in the field of quality Chinese.

Chinese quality award is the highest honor the domestic field of quality, selected once every two years, recognizes outstanding contributions for the construction of quality power, has a significant demonstration effect in the whole society and make outstanding contributions to improve the quality level of the individual, under the quality awards and award nominations.

The current selection on quality, innovation, brand, business performance is fully carried out, through strict vetting procedures and approval by the State Council, a total of 80 organizations and 10 individual awards, from manufacturing organizations only 31 companies, award-winning food enterprises have Moutai, Tsingtao Brewery, Yili and JUNLEBAO four, JUNLEBAO on behalf of the domestic milk powder brands for the first time China quality award, fully demonstrates the enterprise quality control strength, also shows a new high quality stable and reliable domestic milk industry.

JUNLEBAO Dairy Group CEO Wei Lihua said, let every Chinese children can drink good milk is the world's top, JUNLEBAO mission. To achieve this goal, we must promote the dairy industry development of high quality, the key is to do the four most: the best quality, the strongest brand, the most assured, consumers are most satisfied with the society.

In order to achieve a "most", producing world-class good milk JUNLEBAO innovation modes: one is the first in the world to launch the whole industry chain production mode, namely the implementation of grass planting, cow breeding, production and processing of the whole industry chain integration management and operation, ensure the safety of milk; the second is the first "a world class" mode, namely the food safety management system with advanced pasture, world-class leading factories, world-class partners and world-class, ensure product quality, producing world-class good milk.

JUNLEBAO milk from 2014 sale, continue to create success: 2015 years in the global milk industry in the first through the global standard for food safety BRC A+ top 8 2016 certification; month, JUNLEBAO milk successfully landed in Hongkong market sales; at the beginning of this year, as the only domestic milk powder brands through the highest safety rating of a third party the independent testing agency in Hongkong; JUNLEBAO milk banner for two consecutive years in particular gold gains world Mond; JUNLEBAO also awarded B.I.D international quality assessment authority "international quality management excellence and a new Diamond Award", which fully proved the quality and strength of the domestic dairy industry.

High quality from the development of high speed and high quality growth for junlebao. JUNLEBAO infant formula has doubled to achieve 2018 annual sales growth is expected to reach forty-five thousand tons, just four years into the domestic infant formula, the first camp for nearly a year, the product has been in short supply. Wei Lihua said, "practice has proved that there is large space and high quality development of the market, enterprises have a brilliant future!"

Wei Lihua said, JUNLEBAO will further enhance the quality, brand, promote the dairy industry development of high quality, and make the next generation of the motherland to drink good milk "in domestic milk market plays a leading role in the domestic dairy industry to revitalize the exhortations, unremitting efforts.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yu Jian

Editor: TF003

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