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Yammie Nam died lonely life: the police have not yet found his sister or by fans and friends funeral

2018-11-03 10:18 Yi Zhan TF019

Integrated a number of media reports, Hongkong artist Yammie Nam on November 3rd morning was found dead in the family residence, at the age of 55. Reported that the current preliminary investigation police said after the incident did not suspicious, pending an autopsy to determine the specific cause of death.

The "Westward Journey".

The reporter has stemmed from Yammie Nam art one of the fans to verify this news. The fan said, the police have not contacted Yammie Nam sister, if not contact their relatives, friends will go dead, and Yammie Nam fans together to handle the funeral. She called for the association of Hongkong artists to come together, take care of Yammie Nam funeral.

"The big time".

Yammie Nam was born in April 27, 1963, 1984 from TVB artistes training after graduation began performing, "absolutely beautiful Mount Wutai" reputation. The most well-known mainland audience is the role of the "Westward Journey" in the spider "spring thirty Niang", energy-saving every twinkle and smile in the spider. Yammie Nam also played the "new era" in Luo Huiling.

But in late 1990s, the Yammie Nam news going insane, there is news that she had been a well-known male artist raped, then she began to work, and filed for bankruptcy in 2005. In recent years Yammie Nam living in poverty, bleak situation.

Friends mourn

Little green onion noodles: People say you baby, if there is an afterlife, I hope you ordinary, peace, Changle hundred years old.

Forget you hate unforgettable love: Poor woman, did not wait until the clear day.

The horse to eat meat: Yammie Nam is gone, the Hongkong is rich in beauty, but her most breathtaking. Her beauty and innocence, such as clouds, sometimes bright sun, sometimes quiet like rain, wind and sharp, really worthy of "absolutely beautiful Mount Wutai". Unfortunately, fate, jealous of Confidante......


Source: Yi Zhan

Editor: TF019

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