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Their four day walk hundreds of kilometers tramp over mountains and through ravines will warm to Meili Xue Shan

2018-11-03 11:23 beijing evening news TF019

People love to link through Meili Xue Shan reporter, many children need clothes, they came all the way to the local, local people and a mule team, eventually took 4 days, walk 100 kilometers, will be sent to the A Bing hands down the village children.

After four days, the entire 100 km trek, Aqingbu organization mule team finally arrived at a village, complete the delivery of goods of love task. Photo by Bai Jikai

Is this winter, Yunnan Deqin County Yunling Charlie village, the villagers received a large Aqing cloth from Guangzhou express, 100 new children's wear down jacket.

The courier can only be sent to the Deqin County, Aqingbu to village more than 40 km away from the county seat to take Charlie express love supplies. Photo by Bai Jikai

A month ago, Zhang Hanyu, who love to Zhang Biyu, the Meili Xue Shan reporter through the link, many children need good quality clothes, and 100 just the factory sent to turn down the mountain guide Aqing cloth, he will bring down the principal Meili Xue Shan link on children.

Yunnan Tibet over the demarcation line, 4479 meters above sea level dockwra pass, is facing the most difficult section of mule team. Photo by Bai Jikai

Meili Xue Shan road length of 260 kilometers, passing through Yunnan Yunling Deqin County township and Foshan Township, Tibet County Chayu cawarong zogang County Township, Bitu border areas, blocking traffic, less than one hundred kilometers from the highway. Aqingbu is a famous mountain guide, more than 10 years dedicated to the Meili Xue Shan big link duty garbage clean-up work, is a respected local environmental protection volunteers.

Half a month ago, right Aqingbu fifth metacarpal fractures, but in order to complete the work, he was wearing a splint and bandage on the road. Photo by Bai Jikai

In order to let the mule team does not slip in dockwra pass, using existing Aqing cloth hand grip fracture picks ice open. Photo by Bai Jikai

After a brief Aqingbu preparation, and the villagers Lurong Puncog and his wife Lu Zhui, a mule team, with a down jacket, go on the road pass love. The second day of departure, they climbed over 4479 meters above sea level dockwra pass from Yunnan to Tibet. The early morning of the three day, we found a mule "Rahm" because of unwilling to endure the hardships of secretly run home tramp over mountains and through ravines. Lu Lu Rong backfeeder Puncog chase and 30 km, again over dockwra Wu Rahm recovered eloquence".

Along the way, the mules rest mostly brave the wind and dew, abandoned house. Photo by Bai Jikai

Before winter comes, get happy o village children who love gift jacket. Photo by Bai Jikai

After you start again reforming the mules, along the river valley before Lou La pass, Arsenal Xinkang La pass, eventually took 4 days, walk 100 kilometers, down to a village children's hands. Complete the transfer of work, we also need to continue to move forward, with a time of four days, at an altitude of 4815 meters over the sola pass, from Yunnan back to Tibet, go home.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Bai Jikai

Editor: TF019

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