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This International Symposium in Beijing, Premier Li Keqiang sent a special congratulatory message, the president has come

2018-11-03 08:02 Beijing daily client TF003

The second day of the world bank issued a global business environment report, an important international conference opened in beijing. The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council Premier Li Keqiang sent a congratulatory message, the president of the world bank and the business environment report of the total charge, Singapore and other advanced economies on behalf of all the scene, focus on the optimization of business environment in-depth one-day seminar.

Optimize the business environment of high level International Conference opened in Beijing yesterday morning

The latest release of the "2019 business report", China global ranking from the last Seventy-eighth jumped to forty-sixth, a one-time increase of 32, the World Bank experts praised the reform "Chinese related fields surprisingly fast and effective".

The ranking jumped to highlight the achievements in the reform of Beijing, the world bank business environment report selected a sample of two Chinese City, Beijing is one of them. From the beginning of last year, Beijing's business environment index on the world, to start a business, apply for building permits, access to electricity, taxes, property registration, cross-border trade and other aspects of the introduction of a series of major policy initiatives, a substantial increase in the market of the main convenience.

The bank's business environment experts attended

Beijing City, the Ministry of Finance and the World Bank jointly held a seminar at this time node, the focus is the past which experience China business environment reform, how the future will continue to push the reform.

In the letter, Li Keqiang said that the business environment is the survival and development of the soil. In recent years, Chinese vigorously continued to promote the transformation of government functions, put the tube in service reform, optimize the business environment has made positive efforts and achieved remarkable results, stimulate the market vitality and social creativity. China innovation will further increase the intensity of reform and opening up, the domestic and foreign enterprises, enterprises of different ownership, the implementation of equal fair competition policy, to accelerate the construction of marketization, legalization and internationalization of the first-class business environment, let Chinese continue to become a foreign investment enterprise development and win-win cooperation in land. We look forward to working with the world bank and other international organizations to further strengthen cooperation and jointly cope with global challenges. I hope the guests around the seminar topics in-depth discussion to promote global cooperation, opening for countries to continue to optimize the business environment and actively contribute their wisdom.

The opening ceremony of the seminar, party secretary Cai Qi met with World Bank President Jin Yong . Cai Qi said, the World Bank recently released "2019 business report", China ranking from 78 jumped to 46 place, great progress has been made in a number of reform breakthrough. Beijing always adhere to optimize the business environment as the expansion of the reform and opening up, an important starting point to promote high quality development. Pay more attention to the enterprise and the public feel, at least, to create approval process optimization, the highest efficiency and best services, enterprises and the masses get the strongest sense of business environment; adhere to the urban leaders visited the service enterprises, for enterprises to establish a normalized "service pack" system, in accordance with regulations to provide "one to one" accurate service according to the policy; to create a fair competitive market environment, the implementation of the most stringent protection of intellectual property rights; to expand services liberalization as a breakthrough, the implementation of national treatment before admission plus the negative list management system, build a comprehensive and open international environment. We recently introduced to further optimize the business environment three year action plan, efforts to build Beijing, Beijing, Beijing service efficiency standards and integrity of Beijing four demonstration projects, promote the continuous improvement of the business environment in Beijing. I hope the world bank as in the past attention to support the development of Beijing, the Beijing business environment reform practice and guidance.

Cai Qi and World Bank President Jin Yong shook hands

Cai Qi speech

For Chinese and Beijing to promote the business environment reform achievements, is highly appreciated. He said, "the world bank Chinese in 2019 business report" in the ranking of 32 increased dramatically, which is a very great progress, which embodies tremendous efforts in business environment reform in Beijing city. In Beijing Chinese has a strong radiation power and power, the bank will fully support Beijing to further improve the business environment, bring more tangible convenience for the enterprises and the public.

Met with World Bank President Jin Yong

Kim Yong Jim

Deputy secretary and mayor Chen Jining at the opening ceremony, put forward the measure to deepen the reform of the business environment in Beijing City, the next step. He said, recently, Beijing city issued a further optimize the business environment three year action plan, we will vigorously streamline approval, the two approval service matters further compression of more than 50%, accelerate the "Internet plus government services, continue to strengthen the construction of environmental law, establish a sound social credit system, promote the reform for more determination, greater efforts, and strive to create the optimal process, approval at least, the highest efficiency and best services, enterprises and the masses get the strongest sense of business environment.

Chen Jining at the opening ceremony

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The World Bank experts praised the Beijing business environment reform practice

Beijing focus on streamline links, time, cost, increase transparency, and strive to create and process optimization and approval at least the highest efficiency and the best service and the strongest sense of business environment.

The practice of reform has been highly appreciated by the world bank business environment expert. Participate in the preparation of the report the global index Bureau senior manager Rita Ramajo said in an interview, "in the business, Beijing is particularly outstanding. Beijing city has become the world's only run one of the two city enterprises completely free, business procedures required time from 24 last year fell to 8 days."

Beijing daily client reporter learned , Beijing business environment reform last year made a series of good results:

Business links: from the original 7 to 4 compression, processing time from 24 days to 8 days compression.

Power for the links: from the original 6 to 3. The average time from 141 days to 34 days significantly reduced, small and micro power users gain access cost was reduced from 192 thousand to 0 yuan.

Apply for building permits links: reduces from 23 to 22, the processing time from 208 days to 137.5 days, for the cost of the original nearly 200 thousand yuan reduced to 110 thousand yuan.

Property registration time: from 19.5 days to 9 days compression period, the number of tax from the original 9 reduced to 7, from the original 207 hours reduced to 142 hours.

Cross-border trade: goods from arrival to lift off the whole process time to achieve 48 hours of import clearance, documents from the original 80 hours 24 hours to compression period, import costs from the original boundary dropped to $690 $315, export documents for two-thirds of the time compression.

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Source: Beijing daily client

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