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The latest Beijing weather forecast: today is not recommended to go out to play on Sundays in sleet or snow

2018-11-03 07:17 beijing morning post TF003

(reporter Wang Hailiang) the colorful autumn scenery, with a thick grey can cover all. Red waits for no man, then attached to branches, they will fall helplessly in the howling wind, originally this weekend is the best weekend tour of the red haze, is a trouble, is really very bad.

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Yesterday afternoon, in the south of Taihang piedmont area, pollutants gradually converge, while the concentration of PM2.5 increased significantly, to moderate pollution 15-16. Yesterday, 16 live show, six districts of the city of PM2.5 concentration of 144 micrograms / cubic meter; the most serious southwest, up to 156 micrograms / cubic meter. Yesterday night, Beijing reached severe pollution.

Beijing municipal environmental monitoring center is expected today, while the increase of humidity, temperature inversion enhancement, increased static stability situation, transformation and accumulation of pollutants for two times, the air quality will be in heavy pollution. Sunday morning, the cold air southward penetration, pollution eased; afternoon, the main cold air continues southward, diffusion conditions to improve; air quality will be improved to a good night. The weekend travel public friends please note that the health protection, today is not recommended to go out to play.

Beijing city meteorological station warned that Sunday during the day with light rain coming, mountain sleet or snow, the highest temperature during the day is only 12 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature will drop to 9-11 degrees Celsius in mountainous areas. Friends please pay attention to the weather forecast approaching, if you go to the suburb tour leaves, remember the thick clothes to keep warm, avoid cold.

Enter the next week, the minimum night temperature will continue to approach the freezing point, and may fall below 0 DEG C line. At present, is expected next Wednesday night minimum temperature of 0 degrees, the minimum temperature -1 next Friday night, the heat has not come, remember to prepare thick quilt.

(original title: house home, cold air Sunday night air quality good recovery)

Source: Beijing Morning News

Editor: TF003

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