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"Youyu county Party Secretary and her fathers" warmth ending works real down to earth successfully moved the audience

2018-11-02 16:55 Beijing Evening News - North night vision network TF007

In November 2, 2018, 38 episode TV series "jointly produced by Wheelock pictures of Youyu and her party secretary" yesterday to tender ending, ending the audience moved to tears. This drama is from 10 month 2 day in CCTV prime time broadcast, with great attention to the Swiss plot and sophisticated production standards caused the audience ratings and reputation rising, for a couple of weeks ahead of the single day Nielsen ratings winner, and synchronization among the cool cloud live attention Top3, CSM35 city the list of Top5, with its "thick, real, down to earth" good reputation in the national audience formed a Youyu hot".

"Youyu county Party Secretary and her" success, first of all thanks to touching, based on the true history of the event theme. As the 2018 National Day gift series, the play shows a far-reaching, panoramic representation of Youyu in the past 70 years the cadres and the masses "followed by a dry, a blueprint drawn in the end, the Youyu people's struggle and hardship in the party under the leadership of the extraordinary history of shaping the success of the surge high and sweep forward, one for the people in the county Party Secretary, vivid show the difficulties, hard work, long time for the power, in the long-term benefit of the Youyu spirit, the drama is a modern epic scroll rare in recent years.

A work can get the audience favorite, essential wonderful interpretation of drama of bone strength. "The play of plain, simple and practical, the image of the characters while many but not dull, but from the time span, the overall style through, copious and fluent, awe-inspiring righteousness." In the recently held "Yulin and her party secretary" forum, the Central Radio and television drama management center director and director of TV channel Liang Jianzeng expressed the drama recognition, "the drama starring seize the intense emotion and characters and personality characteristics in the interpretation process, showing the characters the charm of personality and humanity. Other actors are also distinctive, vivid, like the green leaves of blooming flowers."

In addition, the director Wu Ziniu works on the pursuit to become an important guarantee for the quality of the drama of conscience. "If a work finished, the director of the spirit, the body is good, that he will not shoot good works!" Director Wu Ziniu says. In reviewing the shooting in difficult times, 66 year old Wu guide smiled, "I was kind of cut live roots, ask the harvest of people, is the process most of the attention day by day, put their ideas into reality. Before I talk about a problem now, the film and television industry, what kind of investment will have a lot of people, is to make the product, and we should take the attitude is to do the work, I should be responsible for works of two words."

It can be said that the director Wu Ziniu works on the stick and Wheelock pictures adhere to the "developing time of righteousness, shaping art" the mission of the enterprise which is the following agree without prior without previous consultation, ancient historical drama "Yu Chenglong", Wheelock and Wu Ziniu director of the film together again. After "Yu Chenglong" since the 2017 year in the CCTV primetime premiere after less than two years, a eight round of CCTV broadcast of the event, being sought from all walks of life and love. Whether it is "people" or "Yu Chenglong hit Youyu and her party secretary", are not the most fashionable IP, there is no traffic star blessing, only the true story and adhere to chastity artistic conscience to ensure the bottom line.

Indeed, every era of film and television works of course has its own unique taste and adorable, but really impress people with a conscience or quality of sincerity. Wheelock pictures chairman Li Jifeng stressed: enterprises always adhere to the "drama artisan spirit", always adhere to the spirit of the times to restore respect for history, the beginning of the creation of the heart to create a boutique television drama. Previous investment has produced such as "iron general" "full of love" quadrangle "boast" matchmaker "ten class", "commander of a frontier," fog "dark edge" and the movie "seventy-seven days" more attention to social hot spots, promoting the mainstream values of film and television works. "Good works must support its spiritual core, even if it is no IP no flow star, will eventually come to the stage to be recognized by the audience."

TV drama "Lan Tong bloom" stills

2018 harvest Pictures Film continuously. It is reported that currently has completed major red revolutionary drama "Xibaipo", gift of reform and opening up 40th anniversary first farmers epic "Lan Tong bloom", "bright sword" by the original cast casting honed in war drama "legend" and other time-honored works will be wonderful show, so stay tuned!


This article source: Beijing Evening News - North night vision network

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