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Beijing 7 billion discount to support small and micro enterprises to guide financial institutions will be more funds to tilt

2018-11-02 17:21 beijing evening news TF008

Today morning, the business management department of the people's Bank of the United Bank of Beijing Insurance Regulatory Bureau and other departments jointly organized the preparatory group held in Beijing to deepen private Small and micro businesses and financial services will promote, and issued "on the further deepening of the opinions of Beijing private and Small and micro businesses in financial services".

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"Opinions" from monetary policy, policy coordination, incentive mechanism, assessment and evaluation of the business environment put forward 20 measures to support five aspects to guide financial institutions will be more funds to support the development of private and Small and micro businesses. Among them, the business management department of the people's Bank said that the establishment of 7 billion yuan rediscount quotas special support small and private enterprises, and the creation of the people's bank discount window in Zhongguancun demonstration zone.

Highlight 1 - to set up a special discount amount

This year, the people's Bank to increase the refinancing and rediscount a total amount of 300 billion yuan, financial institutions to support the expansion of small and micro enterprises, private credit. With the rediscount business demand situation in the area of Beijing financial institutions, business management department to head office for the new rediscount quotas are all used to support small and micro private enterprises; current allocation of special amount reached 7 billion yuan, in the business management department of all the rediscount quotas in accounting for more than 60%.

Specifically, is the business management department of the central bank use low cost 7 billion yuan of funds, specifically for small and micro private enterprises issued or received a bill discount, and guide financial institutions to small and micro financing business, private enterprises tilt. Through recycling, the annual support of small and micro enterprises, not less than 12 billion yuan bill financing.

In addition, the business management department will continue to use 30 billion yuan of the amount of standing lending facilities, provide liquidity and timely support for qualified financial institutions within the jurisdiction of the payment of small and micro enterprise loans and private.

Highlight 2 - to build small and micro private enterprises, financing service train

To make full use of the special discount amount, the business management department at the same time to revise the rediscount business management system, to simplify the approval process, clear of less than a certain amount of small and micro private enterprises, notes on examination and approval within 2 working days, increase rediscount quotas use efficiency, to further protect the implementation of the $12 billion annual delivery target.

For the construction of the national science and technology innovation service center, business management department was established in 2015, Zhongguancun center branch. In the center of Zhongguancun branch of additional discount window, convenient demonstration area for financial institutions to rediscount business, guide them to increase science and technology of registered in Zhongguancun demonstration zone, small and micro private enterprises financing support.

Use the 3 - highlights private bond financing support tool

This year, affected by multiple factors, private corporate bond default rate increased significantly, financial markets and financial institutions declined for private risk preference, forming a negative feedback loop. Only relying on the market forces of self correction in the short term is difficult to bear fruit, the need for timely correction of the irrational market behavior. Under this background, the people's Bank to guide the establishment of private bond financing support tools, support a positive transfer signal to the market, bond market financing function repair.

The business management department to implement the "tools" policy spirit bond financing to support private enterprises, the first docking with the relevant government departments in Beijing City, combined with the enterprise will lock the qualified private enterprises; at the same time, promote the coordination of financial institutions, professional organizations to actively participate in the bond market, to jointly support the temporary liquidity difficulties encountered, but the market prospects technology and competitive private enterprise bond financing. At present, 3 private enterprises in Beijing city has been the first and the main underwriter, policy financing guarantee institutions, debt credit enhancement company reached an agreement of intent.

- highlight 4 guide the jurisdiction Small and micro businesses banks to reduce lending rates

Earlier, the Department of business management in-depth research supervision on the jurisdiction of the bank interest rate pricing, 95% jurisdiction over the bank has implemented internal funds Small and micro businesses loans preferential price. "Opinions" to further clarify and refine the relevant requirements, to promote and effectively reduce financing costs. One is the requirement of targeted RRR cuts within the scope of financial institutions Small and micro businesses loans weighted average interest rate is not higher than 2018 in the first quarter. The two is to require the bank within the jurisdiction of the establishment of small and micro loan costs, interest rate, income distribution tracking and monitoring mechanism, incentive measures to ensure effective transmission of branches; the average interest rate of new loans should be issued Small and micro businesses over the implementation of the internal funds transfer price concessions before the decline.

- 5 highlights

Expand the foreign debt macro Prudential management pilot

The business management department recently in Zhongguancun to carry out capital project facilitation policy pilot, one of the main contents of the pilot to expand the scope of the Zhongguancun demonstration zone "an area of 16 yuan high-tech enterprises; the second is the implementation of capital income settlement payment facilitation policy, in line with the conditions of pilot enterprises in the process of capital account foreign exchange income within the territory without payment, the prior transaction submitted to the bank to prove the authenticity of the material, by paying explicitly dealt with directly; third is to upgrade the debt facilitation policy, allowing non investment pilot enterprises to use foreign debt funds to carry out a range of equity investment by the banks, direct registration of pilot enterprises debt cancellation. The features of flexibility and simplify the use of the pilot policy outstanding funds, a substantial increase in the degree of facilitation.

- 6 highlights

Optimization of Small and micro businesses financial service system

The business management department of Beijing city in conjunction with the relevant government departments to actively promote the Small and micro businesses credit system construction, and achieved remarkable results, Beijing city Small and micro businesses credit loans accounted for the loans in the forefront of the country, to maintain a good level of quality. The next step will further integrate all information and policy resources, construction of "Internet plus big data + financial" Small and micro businesses combined financial service system. Study on construction work plan Small and micro businesses comprehensive financial services platform.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Pinqiu

Editor: tf008

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