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11 double exit ticket ticket jumped 1 times to Wanghong travel essential diving certificate examination

2018-11-02 16:30 beijing evening news TF011

Exit ticket suddenly doubled, the annual travel frequency over the first 4 times, with Wanghong swimming diving certificate into necessary, countless people humming "want to take you to the romantic Turkey, Tokyo and Paris, let Turkey into the hottest country visa...... In 2018, China became more and more young people really love to fly abroad "for poetry and distance".

Yesterday, the "Tmall 11" the double wave "Travel Guide", analyzes the contemporary young people are playing, what is going to play. According to the guidelines for the 80, love the high star hotel, 90 love live in Chengdu B & B, catch up with Lijiang to become the first home Chinese concentrated course has become a new Macao; skydiving perfectchoice. Not only will I go...... Young people today China not only go far, also play too much novelty.

In 2018, more than 10 million young people in the starting 3 days before booking tickets, "neither fast nor slow" open wayward travel mode. Different from 80 gradually entered middle age, now has 90 who carry the banner. The report shows that 51% of users are fond of travel for young 90, and rich consumption capacity of 80 groups accounted for only 36%, they prefer to vacation, family types of tourism products.

At the same time, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. This year, the international ticket orders soared 1 times, in addition to Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia and other mainstream choice, by Turkey, Serbia launched the lira visa policy, Russia and Croatia in the world cup by Dongfeng, some niche destinations are becoming more and more popular. According to the guide, Turkey with 177% visa orders rose ranked first, followed by Russia, Croatia visa. In addition, in the polar adventure and exploration, Chinese has become the largest source country of the first Antarctic Tour, the largest visits from flying * launched the Antarctic charter, gathered more than 2000 passengers Chinese.

Spend on the trip, whether it is with the tour is free, the amount of spending is generally rose, and free travel with the group higher than rose. To tour to Japan as an example, compared with 2017, free spending rose 40%, the average cost of nearly 6000 yuan, with the tour costs also rose slightly, reaching 20%. South Korea, Australia, Vietnam and other places for tourist spending also rose more than 20%.

In addition, today's young people are changing the purpose of the trip, the attraction is no longer monotonous punch travel required, more and more young people are from the "visit Australia" to "go to Australia Great Barrier Reef diving". Sabah is like a diving course, skydiving experience, ANZ ski class, Hokkaido Thailand cooking classes have become popular on the fly * products. In outdoor sports, according to the data of Taobao kudong City, fencing, mountain climbing, glacier new list, become a young man's favorite sport.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Meng Huan

Editor: TF011

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