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The breakdown of the unique charm of the international stage are here

2018-11-02 16:40 The Beijing Municipal Tourism Committee TF017

The design style is the attentive service, find everything fresh and new, Chinese and foreign culture collision, a texture of experience, the number of international courier station in Beijing is not much, but the unique charm, each one has its own merits.

Italy farm

Italy farm Beijing Qingxin home farm, is on the west, dining rooms, banquet activities, leisure agriculture tourism, imported fruit planting cultivation, garden greening, product processing, sales of imported food and other integrated services in one of the manor farm. The farm advocate the healthy way of life, advocating "slow culture", with a distinctive Italy pastoral style. Italy farm in Beijing is the first comprehensive embodiment of Italy cultural holiday farm, a farm in the garden, the building by the Italy designers to design and supervise the construction, fully reflect the style of Italy gardens, from the architectural style.

Address: Beijing Shunyi District City, Ma Po Zhen Bai Ge Zhuang Cun Wei Hui South 300 meters

Telephone: 010-69409408

Zhuo love car camping

Zhuo love by English transliterated as "JOY", meaning the joy, happiness, this is the right way of life, life in the travel, travel in life. The group includes the love theme hotel, Zhuo town car 4S shop, car travel car customization. Camping in the scenic area, each car is equipped with a small courtyard, practical function of sublimation to the villa.

Address: Beijing City, Shunyi District Yang Zhen Beijing International Flower Port North Gate

Tel: 13611147801

Silver Villa

Silver villa Beijing red nouelia Yinshan Cultural Tourism Co., Yinshan scenic spots on the squat, Fu Long Tail treasure momentum, and Guan, Badaling branch is connected with the pass, and Yang Shan, Yanshou temple, West Shuiyu remnant of the Great Wall is located in the meantime. Here can enjoy hiking, rhyme, can pick wild, can the party can also borrow scene for the wedding and honeymoon and the. Silver villa -- solemn, simple, modern, comfortable, quiet and mysterious. This should be old and elegant, semi farming part-time by lu.

Address: Beijing City, Changping District Yanshou town south of the village of Hai Zi

Telephone: 010-89726767

Fei Li Hotel

The hotel is located in Sheung Shui in the northwest foothills, surrounded by mountains, facing the south, elegant air, is a green health spa, fitness, leisure in one of the five star original ecological mountain hot spring resort hotel. The hotel has a private open-air Boutique Resort, Mid Tang, amphitheater, mountain park, private racecourse, happy farm, Mini Golf and other high-end boutique boutique hotel facilities, the existing 65 rooms, including the Mediterranean, Japanese, Chinese, Caribbean, England etc. more than ten kinds of national style private rooms and soup LOFT tree house, car etc. boutique hotel.

Address: Beijing City, Changping District Xifengshan stream town 378

Telephone: 010-56018819

North Ditch Village Tourism

North Village belongs to Bohai Town, Huairou District of Beijing City, a population of 356 people, located in semi mountainous area, area of mountain village to the majority, provide the inherent advantages of nearly 9000 acres of mountain resources for chestnut planting, the average chestnut planting area of nearly 70 acres, chestnut planting industry has become a pillar industry in the village per capita income. 6 year, 7 month chestnut flowering season, all over the mountains and plains chestnut flower fragrance.

Address: Bohai city Huairou District Beijing town ditch Village

Tel: 13691086500

The Inn Boutique tile factory

Hotel tile factory is a 15 minute drive from the Mutianyu Great Wall, with beautiful mountain and gorgeous design, spacious rooms, historic buildings converted by. Guests can enjoy a handmade noodles in small cottage, can also enjoy Western-style food and assorted delicacy in the garden. Tile factory has a bar and cafe. Independent design room is equipped with air conditioning, heating equipment, dining area and a private bathroom. Guests can rent a car to visit the surrounding area, can also enjoy a soothing massage service in spa, or in the private garden leisurely walk.

Address: Bohai city Huairou District Beijing town ditch Village

Tel: 13910418426

Peach spring hill

Peach spring hill is a courtyard as the theme of the rural resort. Mountain room covers an area of 1500 square meters, building form Beijing style courtyard houses, fully embodies the characteristics and charm of the Ming and Qing Dynasty courtyard building, this quiet courtyard hidden in the valley, brick tiles, a richly ornamented building, all reveal his sense of history in the courtyard, the courtyard Liang Yi, a sip of tea, slowly. Read the hidden light. Mountain room can accommodate 40 people dining, mainly engaged with local traditional cuisine, all ingredients with organic vegetables from her garden; at the same time, 20 people received lodging in mountain house is your ideal choice for leisure, meditation.

Address: Beijing City District of Miyun Gubeikou Tang He Cun

Tel: 13641364462

Silly uncle Holiday Hotel

As a whole silly uncle resort gorge ecological agriculture, village covers an area of 400 acres, set catering, accommodation, conference, barbecue, leisure, tourists more than 80 people, 17 containers, reception 34 people, two layer courtyard 26, 52 people received. One of their own breeding area and its gorge planting area to the restaurant to provide high-quality ingredients.

Address: Beijing Miyun Gubeikou Gubeikou Village District

Tel: 13910633587

The Plaza in the mountains

The mountain is located at the foot of the Great Wall Plaza in the five sets of houses, a senior designer living in the Nordic style villa design meticulously, is find everything fresh and new. The whole bathroom suites and function facilities of the living room, kitchen, considerate and creative, elegant style, very local characteristics of the taste. The old home, nestled in the quiet valley slope on the Banpo, at the foot of the mountains, stone house, the independent courtyard style, beautiful and gentle, embodies the perfect life of the artistic conception and interpretation of the concept of living.

Address: Huangyan Beijing City Town Village North of Miyun District

Tel: 010-81002222 13301369311

Yi Shi international manor winery

Yi Shi international manor winery is located in the town of Miyun Taishitun District River Village, east of Miyun reservoir, built close to the mountains, blue sky visible window, as is layer upon layer of peaks and knolls. Park covers an area of 260 acres, the natural greening rate of 90%, the main building for the European style full stone castle, manor 90% hidden in the ground, see the door does not see the park, see Park does not see the cellar, cellar see not see the beauty of Wine.

Address: Taishitun town of Beijing Miyun District River Village Road 101 East

Telephone: 010-89088720

Alai Inn

A remnant inn is located at Badaling the Great Wall scenic area parking lot, with the Great Wall culture as the theme, style simple, elegant environment, a bar full of the Great Wall of art, the Great Wall is the best place for lovers, you can see the the Great Wall blue bar sit. Clean room, facilities, comfortable environment, fresh mountain air, it can be relaxed and happy, forget. The hotel has a parking lot, conference room, luggage storage, wake up service, provide pick-up service, 24 hours reception service; at the same time to provide free tourist traffic map, a public area wireless internet.

Address: Badaling Beijing city Yanqing District Disabled the Great Wall scenic area parking lot

Tel: 13901208188


Source: Beijing Municipal Tourism Commission

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