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November 7th Beijing boiler ignition unified test run to take these measures to facilitate the residents repair

2018-11-02 16:00 beijing evening news TF011

According to the Beijing municipal meteorological observatory forecast, is expected from November 3, 2018 to November 15th, the average temperature in Beijing plain area of 6-7 degrees, compared with the same period the year over the same period last year and slightly higher. The 3 day to 4 day temperatures fluctuate slightly, the average temperature at 7 degrees celsius. The reporter learned that, at present, the city's heating preparatory work has been fully completed, 11 7 April, the boiler room will be unified ignition test run, 15 0 standard heating.

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During the test run, the City Management Committee for the district heating units and do the following work. All heating units during the test run in the heating system of hot commissioning, system circulation and pipeline leaking problems, early detection, early treatment, to solve the problem in the formal heating before, to ensure that the official residents of the home heating heating temperature reaches 18 degrees celsius. In order to facilitate the residents to repair, the heating units must inform the 24 hour repair service in a timely manner through the telephone in the service within the scope of publicity, door-to-door submission service card etc..

The district to supervise the heating unit on time ignition test run, not on time of ignition trial operation and formal heating after complaints from residents of the high rate of heating units, in addition to interviews exposure, but also included in the assessment, the deduction of heating subsidies.

At the same time, prompted the general public friends pay close attention to heating facilities in the home, if the heating is not hot, running water Water Leakage situation at home, you can directly dial the heating unit cell phone repair service solution; such as heating units without timely treatment or time of ignition test run, can call 12345 to make a complaint hotline.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Nan

Editor: TF011

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