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Beijing Fengtai District top show Jinrui dust problem solve! Rural area law enforcement effect immediate quickly

2018-11-02 16:39 beijing evening news TF001

This Tuesday, this column to "wind up loess fly" title, reported the Fengtai District district near the site covering the top of the show, not strict, caused by the surrounding dust. Second days of reports published, the District Law Enforcement Bureau, the District Environmental Protection Bureau, Nanyuan township government immediately sent a response, law enforcement officers to the scene to verify the existence of the project problems and correct.

The site before the rectification
The site after the rectification

It is understood that at the top of the show Rui district on the west side of the site, which belongs to the Fengtai District Nanyuan Township pomegranate village public rental housing project, the construction unit of the Beijing Liu Village Real Estate Development Company Limited, the construction unit of China Construction Bureau (Group) Co., ltd.. Is currently in the earthwork construction stage, due to the existence of coverage is not in place, dust and other site, 8 20 April, Nanyuan Xiang had on the project issued a "notice" stoppage and rectification. In October 31st, there are masses of the site have dust problem, Nanyuan Township Mayor Yang Yun personally attach great importance to scheduling, at 4:15 that afternoon, the organization Environmental Protection Office of urban management unit, on-site inspection, found the problem of recurrence, Shangai, immediately issued a "stop notice" and "notice" conversation, asked to immediately shut down, and the the person in charge of the project to conduct interviews.

Law enforcement officers arrived at the construction site to verify the project, ordered to correct violations, require the construction units in strict accordance with the green site standards, formulate dust suppression measures to effectively cover the bare sand, set the washing equipment, adhere to wet work, and assigned responsibility for cleaning cleaning, watering dust, dust control work earnestly construction. At noon yesterday, the project has taken cover measures according to the requirements, 100 percent coverage, on the main road of sprinkler dust, the current site is still in a state of suspension. At the same time, Nanyuan township of units and construction units responsible person again to conduct interviews, and resolutely put an end to rebound. As of now, Nanyuan Township law enforcement team has violations of the project 3 high limit penalties, fines totaling 300 thousand yuan.

The next step, Fengtai District will strengthen supervision and inspection of the construction site dust control measures to implement and replicability, environmental protection, urban management organization, housing construction and other departments and township streets to carry out an intensive investigation in the region, to further increase the construction site inspections, supervise the construction unit to implement the "six hundred" requirement found the problem, immediately rectification, strict implementation of the prevention and control of air pollution control requirements.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Chen Shengyu

Editor: TF001

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