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The latest Beijing weather forecast: reduce the temperature tonight mist North West Sunday rain

2018-11-02 12:12 beijing evening news TF011

With the high altitude by westerly flow control, ground turn by high-pressure back southerly airstream, to slip the city atmospheric diffusion of meteorological conditions from the beginning of last night. Today night, lower the temperature humidity increases, there will be a mist, local area visibility dropped to 1 to 2 kilometers, please the vehicle to slow down and pay attention to traffic safety.

Reporter Wu Di

Tomorrow is sunny to cloudy weather, daytime haze, please readers to reduce outdoor activities, sensitive people should take out health protection measures; tomorrow night is still a mist, visibility continued to deteriorate.

The day after tomorrow is cloudy, the temperature drops, the cold air from the central and Western and northern regions have light rain, three to four of the north wind continued, in the dual role of wind and rain, visibility and air quality will be greatly improved, Sunday afternoon cloudy weather, suitable for holiday travel.


Source: Beijing evening news Yu Weimin

Editor: TF011

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