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Is the movie market hitting the 60 billion box office? November, Disney, Warner

2018-11-02 13:04. beijing evening news TF019

In the past October, the film market was flat and the box office fell by nearly 30% compared with the same period last year. However, in November, many of the films introduced by man Wei, Disney and Warner Brothers turned out to be popular with fans. At the same time, whether the movie market can hit the 60 billion box office this year depends on the ability of the imported blockbuster.

Tick house Poster

Magic magic + adventure legend

The magic adventure movie is the enduring type of Hollywood. This month there will be two magic worlds to open the door to the audience. One is the tick house on November 1st, and the other is the miracle animal: Guilin de worth.

The movie tick house is a tender story under a magic coat. It has gathered elements such as magic adventure, magic legend, magical imagination and so on. In the film, there are frequent grotesque flying pumpkins, grotesque figures in Gothic architecture, and "exotic animals" trying to break in. The audience also felt joy when they felt the stimulation.

Of course, speaking of the magic world, Harry Porter is still the world's most famous IP with the most fans. As a sequel to the "magic animals" in 2016, it is also the latest work of J.K. Rowling. "The magic animal: Guilin de worth" is released in November 16th. In addition to the return of the original squad, the sequel also traces the magic battle between young version of Dumbledore and Newt, a favorite pupil. It is worth mentioning that in the last one, all the amazing animals, such as sniffing, protecting trees and other animals, will be returned together. In the sequel, there will be new animals with powerful skills, such as Chinese animals, animals, horses and water monster, so that the new adventure of the magic world will lift the audience's stomachs.

Poster of the crime of "green deer"

Disney animation + live fairy tales

Disney also brought two blockbuster works this month. One is today's Nutcracker and the four kingdoms. After the beauty and the beast, Disney moved the classic fairy tales to the screen again in real life. The cast of the film is very powerful: MacKenzie Foy, the actress Clara, is charming and gifted. Her childhood Murphy in star crossing is impressive. Kara Natalie is a beautiful and noble sugar Mei Xianzi, and Helen Milen is the queen of ginger with an evil spirit and refreshing beauty.

In November 23rd, "the invincible Destruction King 2: the Internet" is Disney's annual blockbuster. The former masterpiece "invincible Destruction King" was launched in 2012, and after six years, the former team members continued to write classics after completing the crazy animal city. The invincible Destruction King 2 has inherited the classic style of IP, from classic videos to popular online games, from the cool iron man to the cute little flying elephant, from the big white of the warm heart to the 14 Princess Disney. In addition, the film has also constructed an amazing Internet world. QQ, micro-blog and Tmall, which are familiar to audiences, will also appear in the movies.

Picture of the nutcracker and the four kingdoms

Superhero + detective agent

Man Wei's super hero has always been a shadow city overlord. This time, they sent the first superhero heroin "venom". In November 9th, the venom said that Eddie, a journalist, was heavily involved in the investigation of the life foundation boss Carlton Drake (Liz Ahmed). His relationship with his fiancee Anne Wearing (Michel Williams) was at stake, and was accidentally invaded by alien symbionts. After struggling and confronting, he eventually became a powerful superpower and no one could resist the venom. Tom Hadi, who starred in "Dunkirk" and "Inception", is the host of "venom" in the film, Eddie Bullock, which is a major attraction of the movie.

And "venom" came to China in the same day with a detective named "Conan" from Japan. In this detective Conan: the executor of zero, Conan will cooperate with him to break through the huge bombing in Tokyo and reveal the crime of Internet of things. In addition, the two unknown enemies will also face the "enemies from the cosmos" at the same time, during which a series of racing cars will be staged. The thrill of ultimate rescue can be described as "speed and passion" of the animated version.

In November 23rd, the "bean" from England will also appear in the big screen. As a popular action comedy movie in the world, the "bean agent" series has been popular since it was released in 2003. The movie is a set of routines for the hero and heroic hero of the anti spy movie hero. Jonny, the Royal agent, though always looks elegant, always reverses the routine at the crucial moment, and the ubiquitous British humor is very exciting and intriguing. In the "bean agent 3", the British spy system was attacked by hackers. The bean agent escaped by chance and became the last hope of the British security system. He decided to face the danger and set foot on the journey of finding the ultimate BOSS.

By the end of November 30th, Hollywood veteran Mel Gibson will bring the crime movie "fugitive redemption". In the movie, Mel Gibson plays a father with a hundred wars. In order to save his rebellious daughter, he performs a Jedi escape with his daughter, showing the fearlessness and heroic wandering of his father's love.

Shunji Iwai + Xun Zhou Qin Hao

November is the world of imported films. The only Chinese language film that is expected to be "Hello, Hua Hua". This is the first Chinese film directed by Japanese director Shunji Iwai. It is also a re cooperation between Xun Zhou and Peter Chan after thirteen years of "if love". It will be released in November 9th.

For Chinese audiences, the name of Shunji Iwai is no stranger to his films, accompanied by the growth of a generation of Chinese literary youth. Hello, Hua Hua is the first time that he has taken Chinese films since he has been photographing for many years. The script is also made by himself personally, which tells a story of entanglement between letters, and is regarded as the Chinese version of love letter. The leading lineup, led by Xun Zhou and Qin Hao, has been called "the most powerful film lineup in China in recent years" by more netizens. In addition, Du Jiang, Zifeng Zhhang, Deng Enxi, Wu Yanshu, Tan Zhuo and so on will also appear in the film, and Hu Ge plays specially, these powerful lineup even raised the audience's expectation. In the recently announced Golden Horse Awards nomination, Hello, Hua Hua won three awards for best actress, best supporting actress and best original screenplay, and won the closing ceremony of the 2018 Hongkong Asian Film Festival, which shows the quality of the film.

Directed by young director Rao Xiaozhi, Chen Jianbin, Ren Suxi, Pan Binlong, Zhang Yu and other absurd comedy "nameless" is another highlight of this month's domestic film. Rao Xiaozhi's last movie, Hello, madman! "Won a good reputation," this time the "nameless" not only in the creation of the audience's favorite comedy theme, but also through complex multiple clues narrative, will be a joyfully felt picture in front of the audience.

In November 2nd, "ice man: Traveler of time and space" is also very powerful from the lineup. The film is headed by Huang Jianxin director, Manfred Wong's screenwriter and producer, Ye Weimin director, Donnie Yen, Baoqiang Wang, Simon Yam and Huang Shengyi. Jiang Shu Ying plays a special role in telling the story of the great generals of the Ming Dynasty that he was crossing the ancient and modern times. But in 2014, the series's first icy: Rebirth gate score was only 3.6 points, and the sequel was hard to attract.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Li Li

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