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The film grossed 60 billion market to attack? In November, marvel Disney Warner volley force

2018-11-02 13:04 beijing evening news TF019

Just past October on the film market is black and white, fell by nearly 30% at the box office. However, November, marvel, Disney, Warner Brothers produced more than the introduction of blockbusters released in turns, let the fans something to look forward to. At the same time, whether to attack the 60 billion film total box office market this year, also want to see this wave of imported large capacity.

"Tick house" poster

Magic magic + adventure saga

Magic adventure movie is Hollywood's most enduring, this month there will be two big magic world have to open the door to the audience. One is the November 1st release of "tick house", another is "the magical animal: Grindelwald crime".

The movie "tick house" is a magical story under the cloak of warmth. Assembled a magical adventure magic legend, magic imagination and other elements, the film is more frequent love flying pumpkin, practical joke in the Gothic style building, in an attempt to break the "grotesque figure of exotic animals"...... To make the audience feel the excitement, also feel happy.

Of course, that magic in the world, "Harry Porter" still has the most fans of the world famous IP. As the 2016 hit "magical animal where" the sequel, Rowling is also the J.K. effort to build the latest works, "the magical animal: the crime of" Grindelwald released in November 16th. In addition to the original cast all return, the sequel also traces the young version of Dumbledore and Newt shared magic for favourite pupil. It is worth mentioning that, on a popular sniff, bowtruckle will return together with other magical animal, the sequel will also appear new animal animal China Zou Wu, Kelpie has powerful abilities, the magical world of the new adventure tempt the audience appetite.

"The magical animal: Grindelwald sin" poster

Disney animation + live fairy tale

This month Disney brought two blockbuster works. One is today released "The Nutcracker and the four kingdoms". The film is the second "beauty and the beast", Disney once again the classic fairy tale with a reality form onto the screen. The actor lineup is very strong: the lead actress Clara MacKenzie Foy and moving and talented, she played in "star crossed" in childhood Murphy impressive; Kara Natalie incarnation glamorous noble sugar Mei Xianzi, Helen Milen with the evil spirit temperament, an interpretation of the ginger queen find everything fresh and new.

November 23rd release of the "invincible king of destruction 2: make the Internet" is Disney's annual blockbuster finale. Before the destruction of "invincible king" after the launch in 2012, after a lapse of six years, before being cast in "crazy animal city" after writing a classic. "Wreck King 2" succession before the style, into a mass of classic IP, from classic film to the popular online games, from the cool iron man to the lovely Dumbo, from the warm heart of the big white stay adorable to Disney 14 princesses gathering. In addition, the film also built a as the acme of perfection world of the Internet, the audience familiar with the QQ, micro-blog and Tmall will also appear in the movie.

"The Nutcracker and the four kingdoms".

Super hero + detective agent

Marvel Super hero is always the shadow overlord, this time, they are sent over the first volume Diablo super hero venom". Released 9 days 11 months "poison" tells the story of Eddie as a reporter in the survey of life fund owner Carlton Drake (Liz Ahmed ornaments) in the process of career suffered heavy losses, and his fiancee Anne Wearing (Michel Williams) relationship in jeopardy by accident, and the alien symbiote invasion, after struggling against, eventually become super strong ability, no one can stop poison". Starred in "Dunkirk" and "Inception" by Tom Hadi as the "poison" host Eddie Bullock in the film, he and the alien symbiotic fusion is a major part of the film.

And "poison" the same day to and from the Japanese detective "Conan", the "detective Conan:" zero execution, Conan will partner Amuro, cracked network in Tokyo explosion case and the object of crime. In addition, two people of unknown relationship between ourselves and the enemy will also face the "cosmic enemy", staged a series of racing chase, the ultimate rescue adventure segments, called anime version of "speed and passion".

11 23, from the British "bean" also appeared on the big screen. As a popular global action comedy film, "bean agent" series received the audience since 2003 since the release of the film, an anti spy film Hero men protagonist Jonny both intelligent and courageous routine, as Royal agents, although seemingly always immediately reverse the routine graceful bearing, at the critical moment, British style humor, hilarious intriguing everywhere. In the "3" bean agents, British agent system was compromised by hackers, bean agents luckily escaped unharmed, the British security system become the last hope of he stepped in, set foot on the journey of looking for the ultimate BOSS.

The end of the month of November 30th, Hollywood veteran Mel Gibson will bring tough crime action movie "desperate salvation". Mel Gibson plays a father, a veteran in battle in the film, in order to save the wild and intractable daughter, with her daughter staged a fugitive Jedi, will love affection and fearless hero Twilight loss most incisive interpretation.

Shunji Iwai + Xun Zhou Qin Hao

November is the import of the film world, the only Chinese film should be highly anticipated "Hello, China". This is the first Chinese film directed by Japanese director Shunji Iwai, Xun Zhou and Peter Chan following the "love", together again after a lapse of thirteen years, released in November 9th.

For Chinese viewers, this name is no stranger to Shunji Iwai, his films accompanied by a generation of young artists China growth. "Hello," is he from China for the first time in years to shoot Chinese film script is by himself personally, tells the story of a dispute triggered by the past correspondence, considered to be the "Chinese version of the" love letter "". While Xun Zhou and Qin Hao led the squad, was friends known as the strongest domestic art films in recent years lineup". In addition, Du Jiang, Zifeng Zhhang, Deng Enxi, Wu Yanshu and Tan Zhuo will also debut in the film, and Hu Ge starred in these strong lineup even raised the expectations of the audience. In the recently released the Golden Horse Award nomination, "Hello, China" won best actress, best supporting actress, best original screenplay award, and was awarded the 2018 Asia Film Festival closing film, which shows the quality of the film.

Directed by young director Rao Xiaozhi, Chen Jianbin, Ren Suxi, Pan Binlong, Zhang Yu starred in the absurd comedy "nobody" is another highlight of this month has made movies. Rao Xiaozhi's last film, "Hello! "We get a good reputation, this is a" nobody "was chosen not only in the creation of popular comedy theme, the more complex narrative clue, a scene full of delight picture presented in front of the audience.

2 released 11 months of "frozen man" from the lineup: time and space travel is also very powerful, the film by director Huang Jianxin, Manfred Wong screenwriter and producer, director Ye Weimin, Donnie Yen, Baoqiang Wang, Simon Yam, starring Huang Shengyi, Jiang Shuying special star, tells the story of the Ming Dynasty generals He Ying through the ancient and modern, anti Japanese to save the story of people. But the 2014 year, the first "frozen: Rebirth of the door" network score only 3.6 points, it is difficult to predict the sequel to attract the audience again.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Li Li

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