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Liyan Tong Chen Sicheng with the "Starlight action" project group to Xinjiang to rural poverty alleviation research

2018-11-02 11:56 beijing evening news TF019

10 month 27 days, Chen Sicheng and his wife Liyan Tong, following the "Starlight action" project team came to Xinjiang, to the rural poverty alleviation research.

Liyan Tong

Liyan Tong first came to inspect the Hetian area in Yutian county. She grew up in Xinjiang, 30 years is the first time to xinjiang. To understand the ethnic customs of her, specially in Urumqi with a lot of gifts, gifts to the local villagers. He in the Buyi village. Liyan Tong lived in the home of fellow, the edge of the desert rose planting base.

At the same time, the Chen Sicheng team came to the Yecheng County investigation. Visit the summer Hefu the Xiang wa Cun satellite factory and local processing factory, factory walnut trading, complete understanding of Yecheng walnut processing industry chain, how to explore the deep processing of walnut as a starting point to reduce poverty, promote the economic development of Yecheng. "I'm not an exaggeration, we really delicious walnut in Yecheng." Chen Sicheng recalls the way to understand the peach and walnut together features "peach", can not help but sigh local people's ability and cleverness "I want to make a grand, advertising here, publicize our Yecheng walnut." He is ready to return to Beijing after the film together and invite you to organize the major logistics company jointly launched the "star package first" mechanism. Chen Sicheng said, the site released micro-blog, publicly called for major logistics companies to implement the "Starlight package first" mechanism. This proposal has been strongly praised the people around.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Wang Jinyue

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