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Wu Yifan's first album online hair is not easy to back fans song "ordinary day" free.

2018-11-02 11:53 beijing evening news TF019

Singer Wu Yifan with "rap" and other new Chinese in the show heady, his singles also pick a song to come out, well received, fans have been looking forward to have a Wu Yifan album complete. 11 June 2, 14 included the song Wu Yifan's first album "Antares" officially launched the issue.


In early May 18th, Wu Yifan released the album's first single "Like That", this is his official and Universal Music Group signed exclusive music contract after the launch of the first music. Has caused strong concern in the global scope of the song after the release, successfully won the United States and the United States iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap iTunes overall standings standings list the first two, also won the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in seventy-third place, the best result for a Chinese singer. Subsequently, the first single "heaven and earth" Chinese network on-line, on-line the first weekend of 13 list champion position.

The first album "Antares" after two and a half years of creation, including 3 month retreat, Wu Yifan said, do the album from the beginning, did not consider the so-called epidemic. This album was released after it comes to look, Wu Yifan said: "I am afraid you said, don't know what you like or what style, style, I want to make music for me to explain."

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The hair is not easy: album songs free.


Only one year of debut singer songwriter hair is not easy to debut full album "ordinary day" since May 31st this year, the NetEase in the cloud music on the line so far, sales exceeded ten million. At 0:00 on November 3rd, "ordinary day" open free online audition, in order to repay the support of fans.

Last year, hair is not easy to show through the "tomorrow" talent shows itself an original score "," let him gain a lot of fans down. "Ordinary day" is not easy to Mao's first full album, he admitted that the album achieved is not expected, nor even the concept of digital itself, "at that time, only know better".

As the first album, "ordinary day" invited to the famous singer Li Jian as producer and CO production by musician Zhao Zhao. Both hair is not easy to the creation of new songs on the album, he also carefully selected the most popular in the period of "tomorrow" the 6 original works, including "drowning" "people like me", after re arranging production into the studio version included. Admitted that he didn't hair is not easy, or Li Jian hair is not easy to recommend to him. He believes that music hair is not easy to close with Li Jian style, have a "bard" feeling, and you hair is not easy, I hope he can not forget the early heart, continue to write songs for the fans. "The most important music or good content."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Growth

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