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Network drama "will night" Chen Feiyu plays Ni Dahong Adam Cheng and other supporting cast luxury dawn

2018-11-02 11:23 beijing evening news TF019

Kaige Chen's son Chen Feiyu starred in the first network drama "night" will be launched in the video Tencent. This network drama adapted from the novel of the same name in the original Maoni, during the starting point Chinese network company, to obtain a total of nearly 40 million hits. The growth story around the "big man" counter attack, its "windward swing Melaleuca, young blood unbeaten" theme has made countless readers full of excitement.

The director is pure and clean

When 9 year old Chen Feiyu in the film "orphan" plays a role, at the age of 16 has been starred in the movie "secret" fruit opportunity next year to participate in filming "the night" is the big production network. At the age of 16, the real meaning of the first works of "life" in secret fruit, and not much response, but for the "atheistic eyes", "directing the son no acting.". This network drama starring heavyweight, for the escort are big stars, "the night" behind the scenes creation extremely solid, directed by Yang Yang, starring Hu Jun, Adam Cheng, Jin Shijie, Ni Dahong, and starring dawn of friendship, is.

Premiere conference, director Yang Yang for Chen Feiyu's performance in the play praise, even to remind the audience: "do not forget, when he retired at the age of 17, the lack of personal experience, without the drama school of professional training, is a particularly simple, clean the child, but he was particularly good, can see his progress every day."

"The night" is about for a night is predicted, the world pattern gradually from the waves, towards the secular church, the hidden world of martial art, many forces are involved in the fate of the juvenile Weicheng lack guidance, to enter a College Road Datang difficult growth, for the family flat or to be involved in a riot and many power struggle, eventually picking up responsibility and the fate of save the whole story. The victims in the novels lack the house, when only a small maid Sangsang around. Chen Feiyu said, he and most lack the same place is persistent, the biggest difference is lack only while they have SinSin, happy and warm family.

For the first time on TV drama actor, Chen Feiyu with great pressure, "opponent teachers are eligible than I was a little nervous." He admitted that there are a lot of their own understanding and ideas on the role, thank you very much for his help in directing the doubts and exploration process, has not yet started shooting, the film director Yang Yang via video phone took two hours to help him organize the role and view of the world.

Luxury supporting cast to help the village people

"Night" will not follow the larger the probability of success of "IP + flow = star explosion theme" to create the rule, but take the "old and new" mode, starring line-up is not much experienced supporting cast is very luxurious. No so-called "flow star" blessing, director Yang Yang admits, casting staked his life after the occupation career with the investor said: "Chen Feiyu was the kind of" rough "in the sense of youth with the original lack free image is very consistent with. But when filming Feiyu 17 years old, she is also the first time to play the female lead, I was particularly disturbed. The actor is very young, no major works, but I believe that "the night" is their starting point. I believe they have a fire, as I want to "night" will become better."

As the soul, the hero lack uninhibited passion. And has been on the line from the episode, Chen Feiyu's performance is still the idol star performances, slightly jerky, and lack the habit of always gives the same facial angle in front of the camera, all by acting expressions.

But the drama is just beginning, also no shortage of Ning or civic gas teenager, Chen Feiyu did not finish up in the role. The first half of the story, is a typical story of revenge, a teenager in a blood feud, numerous hardships of life at the signs of danger appearing everywhere, still, to wash over, killing the enemy. Then enter the story after the half, the opening with a vengeance for the first goal of juvenile gradually became strong, has now in the name "academy" Mr. thirteen personal burden also increasingly heavy, Kuangfu justice, National Guard duty neat hit.

Xinjiang Hubei Guizhou more than half shot

The production side, "the night" is the net for the conscience. Adam Cheng's teacher, Jin Shijie played the harp, Rune teacher Yan Ni Dahong's bright light, Hu Jun as God officer Wei Tiexue Lawrence, played by Li Zhongyi Jaap dawn Tang, in the film with a wonderful performance.

Since the autumn of 2017 in Xinjiang since Turpan officially start, the whole group lasted for half a year, and, by the frozen snow to 20 degrees below the surface of nearly 50 degrees hot desert, traveled thirteen thousand kilometers, across half Chinese, went to Xinjiang, Hubei, Guizhou and more framing, only to create a most Chinese style, the most magnificent the night of the world. The play in order to reflect the Tang Yan River, South China, Shanxi, the Golden Horde Wang Ting five exotic scene, more than 90% of the real shooting.

From the water bridge, a boat to snow towering snow capped mountains, to the vast expanse of the Chibi desert, galloping horse, these shots embodied the oriental artistic beauty, and play a world of difference matting.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Jin Liwei

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