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Beijing Fangshan white marble mine shut down after the underground fountains fall Royal pond and float Daohuaxiang rice Gongmi

2018-11-02 11:44 beijing evening news TF017

Yesterday morning, Fangshan District Dashiwo town high village, with machines humming sound, 50 acres of rice harvest positions began Yu tang. Under the warm sun fields one harvest scene.

High temperature pleasant village, small temperature difference between day and night, soft fertile soil, rich in selenium, very suitable for the growth of rice. In 2015, the Ministry of agriculture Fangshan Yu Tang rice as a national important agricultural cultural heritage.

Fangshan Yu Tang rice (also known as "Yu Tong rice") and Haidian Jingxi rice, Shunyi rice and three high quality rice in Beijing area. Richly endowed by nature high village production conditions, planting rice has a long history of imperial tang. The village is located in the southwest of Fangshan, the underground water is abundant, water temperature throughout the year remained at 14 to 17 degrees Celsius, and no pollution. The use of Royal pond irrigation water in rice, and the Piedmont warm climate, prolong the growth period of rice, the rice grains have transparent, such as quartz, taste fragrance, for hundreds of years, the famous. In the folklore of the seven is like a new rice cooking rice, a cooking ten fragrant in the world.

In the morning the villagers waiting at the edge of the field, waiting for the harvest. Although rice is not the main source of income of the villagers, but the villagers still occupies an important position in my heart.

The high village is also known for rich white marble, the Forbidden City, the largest piece of stone carving "staircase", in front of the Tiananmen, the Lugou Bridge golden water bridge lions, the people's Heroes Monument relief, the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao, are here produced white jade carving into chinese. The high village Party branch secretary Gao Jijin said, there are historical records, high Village stone mining history can be traced back to the Han dynasty.

Two harvesters in the paddy fields fro. With the launch of the imperial Tang rice brand, I believe there will be more villagers to join the Royal pond planting rice.

The harvester after the villagers with a sickle and pick up the residual rice, rice scattered on the ground, don't waste a grain of rice.

Mining and processing of marble brings benefits at the same time, but the damage to the ecological environment, once the imperial Tang rice suffer. Some villagers said, "in the past a royal pond without rice irrigation, underground water return to nature, is always wet paddy field. In 2008 the mining volume increased, a serious decline in groundwater level, five springs all dry, don't think rice difficult."

And "Long Quan" is only separated by a road, is the golden rice fields. Paddy perennial without artificial irrigation, rely on water nourishing.

People gradually realized that in a thousand years of mining industry not only destroy the environment, also belong to the backward production capacity, inconsistent with the new version of the overall planning of Beijing city. In January 2017, in Fangshan District, Shiwo town and high Zhuang village committee decided to shut down all 4 years ahead of the village of white marble mine. The village Party branch secretary Gao Jijin said: "the white marble mine shut down after the underground springs spewing out, gradually filled the left after the excavation of white marble mine. Have a year's time, the formation of a 1 km long, 70 meters deep lake, the water quality is very good".

Rural kindergarten dolls are also involved in the harvest, it is said that when transplanting rice seedlings, the dolls came, in order to let the children know how the food is.

In accordance with the overall planning of Beijing City, where high village location is defined as ecological conservation area. The old mine will be built into "rural complex", the main push of water culture, carving culture, farming culture, so that visitors and thousands of white culture and the four hundred year history of the Tang imperial rice close contact. Gao Jijin said, now the village set up a "Royal Tang Gongmi" the beginning of the circulation cooperatives, part of the land, resettlement of former engaged in mining the villagers replant Royal pond rice, the development of the farmhouse. At that time, Beijing will invite more people to enjoy the Royal Gongmi Tang village!"


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Cheng Gong photo

Editor: TF017


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