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The Broadway musical "Chicago" will be staged in Beijing: 22 flyover Art Center

2018-11-02 11:17 beijing evening news TF019

Last night, by the act, sponsored by the Beijing Culture Communication Co., Ltd. All people belong to one family. Broadway musical "Chicago" Art Center staged in Beijing bridge. The drama in the absence of fourteen years after the re appearance of capital. "Chicago" yesterday to 18 in the Grand Theater flyover Art Center staged 22 games. "Chicago" has 22 years of running records, is the history of Broadway musicals staged the longest time complex layout.

The musical "Chicago".

Guangxi Symphony Orchestra concert together "and" ring Zhuang

Flowers around the front of the stage, dressed in national costumes of Tan Guowei and eight from the Nanning City Road Primary School Children with their Lusheng, playing cheerful melody festival. The podium, famous conductor Tang Muhai leads Guangxi Symphony Orchestra and the corresponding. Last night, "and" Zhuang symphony concert staged at the National Theatre hall. The first half of the concert repertoire with rich ethnic customs. In addition to the Lusheng and Orchestra Festival "reaches the border", Tang Muhai also played with the Guangxi Symphony Orchestra guanxia made "tide", take folk songs by Du Mingxin's Fantasia Symphony "singer Liu Sanjie". Guangxi Arts Institute choir to bring the song "magpie" branch, also dressed in national costumes of their style to show the Zhuang now singing, now dancing, most incisive. Tonight, "Zhuang" and will be staged in the auditorium of Minzu University of China.

Guangxi culture and art exhibition opening

Yesterday, the opening by the Guangxi culture and art exhibition in Beijing exhibition hall of Nationalities Cultural palace. The exhibition is part of the celebration of reform and opening up 40th anniversary and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region established 60th anniversary cultural art exhibition exhibition, display art, calligraphy and photography, ethnic costumes, books etc..

It is understood that the exhibition of 180 works of art, calligraphy, photography exhibition area, each 60 pieces, both masterpieces of famous artists in Guangxi for 60 years, has since eighteen Party's organizational creation reflects the development of the theme of the Guangxi surge high and sweep forward works, and show the modern style of the new Guangxi. The 12 world national dress culture exhibition will feature 133 sets of distinctive ethnic costumes in Guangxi, brocade, embroidery, drums, 50000 books Guangxi book exhibition from Guangxi eight publishing houses in the selection of more than 200 kinds of excellent books.

Belarus contemporary art exhibition opening

Jointly organized by the Chinese Art Museum, Belarus national Embassy Cultural Landscape - Belarus contemporary art exhibition "opened yesterday in Chinese Art Museum, exhibition out of ten pieces of wonderful works of eight artists of belarus.

The exhibition of eight contemporary artists in Belarus is a generation in twentieth Century 50 to 60 years, they basically represent the mature of contemporary art in Belarus. They understand the art produced in Belarus modern historical turning point in 90s. This period is the independence of Belarus national identity, the formation of economic and social conditions, opening up and learn the concept of modern western art period. A representative of each artist formed its own style in the transition period, relying on the former Soviet Union School of painting, to strengthen and establish their own artistic style. This exhibition is Belarus School of painting works of the Soviet Union and the result of the combination of modern thought. Exhibition until November 18th (Monday closed).

"Published" calligraphy works of willow

"The calligraphy works" (First Edition) published by Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House in Phoenix, "Su Shi calligraphy by running before and after the Chibi Fu" volume "Li Bai poetry" cursive Mount Lu ballad "cursive Li Bai seven nine poems" volume "from the book" "Ballad of the Fuchun landscape poetry from the book Yi Jiang East autumn poetry volume" the five scroll works, demonstrating the poet in Liuyin literature and calligraphy attainments, it is the majority of calligraphy lovers read.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Gao Qian, Wang Run, growth

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