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Art college stage art at the National Theatre performing folk dance concert in visual feast

2018-11-02 11:09 beijing evening news TF019

Once a year "- Chunhua Qiushi art school stage art performances week" at the opening of the national theatre. In 11 years, "fruitful" has invited more than 8500 teachers and students and artists from 23 professional art colleges at home and abroad, at the Grand Theatre on the stage to show the audience of 91, a total of 118 wonderful performances, attracting the audience of more than 14 people. This year, from 9 national college students will bring a good play. At present, Communication University of China has ".Remix" drama Antigone of Beijing Dance Academy, the National Ballet "dust settled" and the "Shanghai Conservatory Of Music" great music rhyme "four - Concerto and symphony concert" has come to an end, the remaining 6 performances will continue playing until November 21st.

The National Ballet "dust settled". Ling Feng.

In November 13th, the Minzu University of China has "Chinese folk style, ethnic dance boutique" in the National Theatre opera. The show included Minzu University of China School of dance in recent years ethnic dance works of classic, Tibetan, Mongolian, Uygur, covering, Miao, Dai, Yi Chao and other ethnic style of the original works. The same day, Shanghai Theater Academy drama "life line song" will be staged in the theater. The guest before the National Theatre directed by Cha Mingzhe, vice president of Shanghai Theater Academy, the five generation of alumni to perform, among them, 80 year old artist Liu Zifeng will be starring. In November 14th, the Central Conservatory of Music will play the "Commemoration of the 40th anniversary reform and opening up 2018 China contemporary music composer -- Central Conservatory of Music concert of new works". According to reports, all the works of the concert premiered by Ye Xiaogang, Guo Wenjing, Qin Wenchen, Tang Jianping and other China contemporary music is the most active and most influential leader in the creation. Under the command of Chen Lin, China national music artists will with the Central Conservatory of Music Chamber Orchestra, Central Conservatory of Music national chamber orchestra playing together.

Tianjin Conservatory of Music has met, "Qin Feng - Accordion Chamber Music Concert" will debut in a small theater in November 19th. Performers include composer, winner of the international competitions, returnees teachers in Colleges and universities and international famous accordion master.

In November 20th, the Academy of Chinese Traditional Opera will perform in the Youth Drama "the little cowherd" "" "Lion" The heavenly maids scatter blossoms. (fragment) collection of works, showing the unique charm of Chinese opera to traditional opera show the way. In November 21st, the Central Academy of Drama will bring drama "home" for the "fruitful" ending. The director of the Central Academy of Drama Yang Shuo, Huo Sakura featuring the director of the play, the main role played by the students.

In the show at the same time, the National Theatre has also launched a rich and colorful art activities, let the audience understand the show behind the scenes. "Low ticket principle fruitful performance Zhou Jixu stick to public Huimin, the audience only price 60-160 yuan, can enjoy the wonderful performances from various colleges and universities.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Gao Qian

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