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"Human" flavor delicacy comparison of Chinese and western new acclaim if I'm afraid the only drawback

2018-11-02 10:29 beijing evening news TF019

Following the "tongue on Chinese", director Chen Xiaoqing shot again "flavor" on-line world delicacy documentary premiere set, namely the harvest praise, netizens are given a score of 9.4 on the website in the social, total playback volume exceeded 160 million. If the only drawback, the audience feedback is mostly about food making shots or too little, "eat", "did not see enough".

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"The world" begins with the flavor of the people have a feeling of deja vu, as if on the tip of the tongue "Chinese" back again. "The tongue" and is different, "human" increased echo Chinese flavor delicacy and world delicacy, by exploring the rich world where people love food delicacy, different approaches but equally satisfactory results thought-provoking cultural differences. In the three series there are 70 delicacy into Western delicacy, this program team traveled around the world more than 20 countries and regions for global flavor, determined to explore the history behind the food culture, with a global perspective to discover the unique Chinese delicacy and diversity, and also the Western delicacy of the colorful, they are combined with each other, with a broader vision is to describe the relationship between food and people.

This is not just a simple introduction of Western delicacy increasing aspect, based on the rheological process of Chinese ingredients but by the popular way to sort out the observation of foreign ships from a more macroscopic perspective to influence on food and food China between the two is how to integrate the.

"The flavor of the world", with a comparison of Chinese and Western food is quite interesting, from Huizhou to the Spanish ham ham with different preparation methods, and the attitude of the Chinese crabs, and French cheese processing Mashed Potato and the people of Henan potato up the group, let the audience see the relationship between people and food in different cultures of the. For example, Westerners focus on the sense of ceremony, so enjoy, ham slices are interactive performance. The Spanish local famous masters from sliced ham ham cut a thin meat roll, the guests to the mouth on the blade, wine is a feast. In the opinion of Chinese, a year of pickled ham, through the four seasons, ceremoniously entered the dinner on New Year's Eve table, one family enjoyable sat at the table, ham is the representative of the reunion.

In Holland, crabs belong to invasive species, now, crabs skyrocketed to 20 times, while reinforcing the crab has become a main Dutchman Simon, but one family never eat, because they feel it is too difficult to handle meat up. And the crabs can become one of the favorite delicacy Chinese, there are two reasons. One is in the China chef here, they understand the structure of the crab, will not easily let go of any part. Hearty dishes made from different parts of the full fragrance and delicious taste of crabs. Another reason is Chinese superb Kung Fu crab. In the late stage of fattening key, in order to let the crab paste fertilizer with yellow, fresh meat as the main snail, about feeding crabs.

When it comes to Mashed Potato, now generally considered in the film Western-style food food, show French milk melted Mashed Potato, adding a local specialty cheese, cheese after heating, the toughness of the greatest degree of play, do a waterfall flowing into the imaging plate Mashed Potato. But in fact, Chinese in Henan, people will Mashed Potato called potato up, steamed potatoes mashed garlic, with a spoon, pepper juice, sour and spicy, local signs delicacy ages.

"The flavor of the world" is the theme of the first set between the mountain and the sea. The menu includes Kurt lamb, Hulun Buir Jie mutton, Kazak herdsmen horse horse intestine wide Erzhake smoked horsemeat, Anhui Nanping Village Wang Zhaohui ham, dry cook, Iberian ham, Henan Mengjin Nianzhuan, Gansu mountain potato up the group, a French high soil bean mud, Sichuan the cold bamboo shoots, Xinjiang of the edge of the Taklimakan Desert Bachu mushrooms, Jiangsu crab, Holland immigration IJsselmeer crab, Taiwan Makaira indica etc.. The audience can be described as "love hate". Many people said "eat lunch, but still look hungry," see half, to cook supper, full of wit friends and even wrote "not less Sichuan, old customs, don't look at the world flavor evaluation" in the evening, some people laugh "should the watercress movie 'seen' change" hungry. "".

The audience of "the world" foreign flavor and delicious characteristics different from normal life is impressive. Many people on the "fishing brother Lu Minyi deeds deeply, making him standing on the bow, and finally succeeded in again and again after the failure of the dart to sailfish, some netizens said" dart that reminds me of the swordfish, the old man and the sea.

The boy standing on the bow of the figure, lonely and great, romantic and cruel." Let the audience feel the flavor is not easy to learn. A netizen wrote: "in the evaluation focus on the" I "life outside, all things and people are so vigorous, some people simply consider three meals a day four clothes between the mountain is too beautiful."

Make a profound evaluation as well as the audience: "beyond the delicacy of all things around the human observation and deconstruction form each person the one and only in the world, behind the taste of food is concerned, throughout the human circulation, life... Breath of joy is just the beginning, dense long moving experience hidden in the details of everyday life."

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Jin Liwei

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