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From the "Yong Zheng Dynasty" to "Peking no war" why Liu Heping could write "God drama department"

2018-11-02 09:31 Yi Zhan TF011

TV drama website Douban. A 2007 broadcast of the historical drama "the Ming Dynasty 1566", with 9.7 points off the highest domestic drama, many people as "God drama". "Ming Dynasty 1566" screenwriter Liu Heping, has won Chinese TV flying award, Golden Eagle Award, Magnolia Award for Best Screenplay award, but has not used the computer typing, and to his dictation, assistant typing, writing the "Yong Zheng Dynasty" "Ming Dynasty 1566" "Beijing has no war" this one classic.

TV drama "Yong Zheng Dynasty".

In June this year at the Shanghai TV Festival "to commemorate the birth of 60th anniversary Chinese Drama Festival", as the Magnolia Award Jury chairman Liu Heping, said a mouthful of speech: "our times progress too fast, we dare not slow, if we do not slow, will be out of this world."

In recent years, more and more impetuous television, Liu Heping always with a "lonely" image, because many low - from "Yong Zheng Dynasty" to "Ming Dynasty" in 1566, he spent 9 years; from the "Ming Dynasty 1566" to "Peking no war", he spent 7 years. This rare and difficult road, stride forward Liu Heping may not turn back, just as his WeChat signature: my circle of friends and me for a long time, I prefer doing.

Personal growth

The play in the position of "smoke", from the opera into creation practice

In China writers, Liu Heping's experience has become an independent school. He is not Kebanchushen, grew up in the play in the position of "smoke", his creative experience directly from the China classical opera. Liu Heping's father, Mr. Liu Jun is a veteran journalist, wrote the play after the liberation, had to rewrite the local opera "blacksmith", the local opera of Hunan is to grasp the point to write and draw freely as one wishes. His mother is very good at playing the old opera actor.

Liu Heping put the show as a creation of the practice. In his view, listen to different schools of the same drama, the story is the same, why feel different, because different schools will use their understanding of emotional performance, "often show, can grasp the change of the meaning of characters in the play." 1982 has engaged in the drama group flute performer, high school teachers occupation, work, Culture Bureau of Hunan Province, Hengyang city to Liu Heping, opened 10 years of drama writer, involved in the preparation of the "Hengyang opera during China - Chronicles volume".

In the early stage before officially become writers, Liu Heping, the first drama works "Guo Ziyi put down rebellion", it was at the time of the Hengyang Municipal Cultural Bureau leaders praised as "". He attributed this to his master of drama, "wrote the opera script, we must understand the" classic "what kind of gongs and drums, gongs and drums sounded, what is the performance, it must be understood that these are my sense of childhood."

In a sense, with in-depth research on Liu Heping drama, the drama of the key scenes to write as excerpts, focus on character conflicts and emotional outbursts. "No war" of Peking Opera on the reference a lot, the first courtroom drama, traditional opera is actually the most common scene in church documents: three. The "Yong Zheng Dynasty" official "Li Wei" and "Ming Dynasty 1566", the CLS parts are similar in form for the play. The industry generally agree that Liu Heping is good at writing group play, and this group play skill, from his years in the opera accumulation.

1993, director of the Liu Heping Drama Festival "" Jia Shen on behalf of Hunan Province in the national local opera exchange performance, won the award for outstanding drama and 11 individual awards. In 1994, "Jia Shen Festival" by CCTV adapted for the 4 Episode TV series. Liu Heping got the "Yong Zheng Dynasty" the attention of other producers, invited him as "Yong Zheng Dynasty" writers. In 1999, Liu Heping screenwriter for the TV series "Yong Zheng Dynasty" in the CCTV broadcast, is very popular with the play, he also won the nineteenth Chinese flying Award for outstanding drama screenplay and best screenplay of the seventeenth Chinese TV Golden Eagle award.

Write the history of drama

Read the "mirror", "out of thin air" decoding history

Liu Heping's plays are related and China history, this experience when he was young and is closely related to. At the age of 13, because of the "Cultural Revolution", the young Liu Heping to interrupt their studies; at the age of 15 with his father and was exiled to the Hunan rural area of Shaodong. By chance, Liu Heping collected a set of Qing Dynasty imperial brush Zhupi version of Zizhitongjian "in a household, which became the first systematic reading books in his life. In fact, this set of Zizhitongjian "in Yubi, are dictating Guangxu emperor teacher Weng, Emperor Guangxu excerpt. Liu Heping also joked: "my degree is very low, only the fifth grade primary school, but the starting point is very high, taught by Weng Tonghe."

The historical drama writing techniques of Liu Heping, was known as the "out of thin air", ignore the truth of history, history, culture, customs and look for the circumstances, gradually restore the protagonist of the story of the "true", and then set out the background of the times will happen, but could not happen. Write "the Qing Dynasty", he wrote Kangxi 8, 9, 10 and 14 sub sub sub, than the historical figure "live" for a decade; write "1566" the Ming Dynasty, the famous "rice mulberry Jiajing policy" is fictional. He said: "my works, events are fictional, but the events behind the history is true."

This bold style, unique in the historical drama creation, and also once caused enormous controversy. "Yong Zheng Dynasty" script after Qing scholars held a demonstration meeting, a Peking University professor of history to "fire", "flood without Kangxi for 45 years, and history does not match." Later Qing expert, Professor of history at the Minzu University of China, Wang Zhonghan said, very heavy, to Liu Heping's relief, "this is not art, historical research." "Yong Zheng Dynasty" script so passed the experts.

The writers engaged in industry for nearly forty years, Liu Heping believes that no one can make history, he can only decode history. Sima Qian's "the combination of heaven with man, through the change of ancient and modern, into the statements of a school" view of history Liu Heping won approval, but when specific to the face of a specific historical period, the period of the narrative story, he agreed that Chen Yinque's "understanding and sympathy".

Currently, Liu Heping is the creation of new "Beidou Nan Ji song". On this he himself "entered old age youth work" have very high expectations, "this drama is the northern and Southern Dynasties, the Northern Wei and Qi, but I will intentionally disrupt the time, some people will debut in earlier years, some people will be late, but the Northern Wei Dynasty's reign will not change." His explanation for this approach: "one is to better convey the spirit of the history of that period, two is to complete the pursuit of aesthetic value of it, I don't need to do that drama chronicle."

Slow and careful

Thirty a "silkworm spin", the audience will see painstaking

They wrote "Yong Zheng Dynasty", director Hu Mei said Liu Heping "written on bones". While writing for so many years, Liu Heping himself in the eyes of the most difficult is the creation of "Peking no war", which lasted seven years, repeatedly modified, even still modify the boot. In order not to delay the shooting schedule for the crew every day he made two rotation typing two assistants, 5 in the morning to 12 class, 2 pm to 12 pm in a class. Assistant shift, he continues to creation, work a day for nearly 17 hours. As a producer, but also with the modified script creation director to see the replay. The shooting is completed, he is too tired to hematuria.

"Peking no war".

Talk about "Peking no war", Liu Heping said: "this is a glass of water and a pot of water! Write a million words of works, there must be more than thirty million words reading accumulated reserves." The ratio of thirty to one, which requires a great amount of reading. He put this metaphor for mulberry leaves to eat a lot of reading reserves under the silking, accumulated more, can become thin silk spit.

"Now the audience can not afford to have been disappointed." When many people confused in Liu Heping contests, he replied. In fact, 11 years ago, "the Ming Dynasty 1566" aired, the ratings very bleak. However, last year the work on Youku replay, at the end of the episode "the Yangtze River on the Yellow River" is a hot audience. This makes Liu Heping very pleased, he also bought Youku members, see a barrage of users a "evaluation, do not underestimate the audience, they will acknowledge your painstaking, will see your work."

Write "the Ming Dynasty 1566" script, there is a table of Liu Heping's room, on the left and on the right is Hai Rui, Emperor Jiajing, the two portrait hanging in there. Before the creation of Liu Heping day wash your hands, then burning incense, and then proceed to the creation of thrice kneeling and nine times bowing. From the "Yong Zheng Dynasty" to "the Ming Dynasty", burn incense to worship for so many years, he threw himself into the role in the creation, almost every role is to play again, "I only have a heart, a fear of heart, the second is gratitude. Burn incense to worship is a ritual, can let you reach a state of ecstasy."

As the chairman of Chinese drama screenwriter, Liu Heping often called: "the literature must occupy the film front, once left the film and television literature, it is difficult to guarantee the quality." Liu Heping read the script, can feel the beauty of literature, Beijing taxi, can often hear the "Peking no war" radio drama.

The script has always been very picky Chen Baoguo once praised: "Liu Heping's lines written very beautiful, also very literary, from the Ming Dynasty" 1566 "to" Peking no war ", let alone play a word, we even do not change a comma." Liu Heping said: "why is the director and actors to change the script? In one case, the director thought situation is wrong, the actor also feel people right, cannot."



Source: Xu Haozhe into art

Editor: TF011

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