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The sixteenth Chinese food safety annual meeting will be held in Sichuan in mid November in Meishan

2018-11-02 08:57 beijing evening news TF003

The reporter was informed that the sixteenth session of the conference of the tenth session of the annual food safety Chinese China pickled cabbage International Food Expo will be held in Meishan City, Sichuan Province in from November 12th to 16th.

The sixteenth Chinese and food safety in the 10 th China pickled cabbage food international fair to the implementation of food safety strategy, to promote the healthy China construction "and" health food - sharing of the world "as the theme. In this event, will host the opening ceremony, the sixteen China Food Safety Forum, pickled cabbage Chinese technology and standardization of international forum, Chinese food production and marketing of agricultural products and the development of e-commerce conference, Chinese food well-known enterprises in Sichuan for investment to promote the signing ceremony, "Chinese, pickled cabbage taste even the World Food Industry International Cooperation Dialogue, pickled cabbage pickled cabbage international the international standard workshop, art performances, on-site production of pickled cabbage pickled cabbage Dongpo mass cultural activities such as the 27 special activities.

During the meeting, will be in the newly completed "China pickled cabbage city" 3 beautiful exhibition exhibition center layout, are Chinese international pickled cabbage international food exhibition area, exhibition exhibition area, Chinese food exhibition area. 300 more than the domestic and foreign food companies invited to participate, pickled cabbage.

The Ministry of agriculture of agricultural products quality and safety supervision assistant secretary Guo Aidi on behalf of jointly organized unit address: China food safety conference has been held fifteen times, is closely around China's food safety work held the longest and largest industry conference. Made outstanding contributions to China's food safety law popularization, science education, supervision and communication industry. Meishan city to create the first national modern agricultural industrial park, provide the model and experience for the country, held for the ninth Expo small pickled cabbage, pickled cabbage made a big industry.

Chinese food safety newspaper publisher and editor in chief Zhu Changxue reviewed the Chinese food safety in the development process of growth. In 16 years, sponsored by the Bureau and support in a number of ministries, China food safety in food safety supervision work has become the head of the State Council ministries Bureau issued authoritative information window; become deepen the institutional reform and promoting the industrial progress, promoting food science and technology promotion, exchange of experience and demonstrate the brand style of social platforms become; the popularity of food safety laws and regulations, carry out education and publicity of health knowledge, promote the theme, collection of positive energy, play a positive effect on the health of the soil and the sun position.

Zhu Wanquan, deputy director of Sichuan Provincial Department of agriculture informed the development of Pickles, Sichuan Style industry at the meeting. At present, pickled cabbage industry has become the most characteristic of the agricultural products processing industry in Sichuan province. The construction of raw material base of more than 2 million 200 thousand acres, driven by the base of farmers income nearly 3 billion yuan. "Pickles, Sichuan Style" successfully created the national geographical indications protection products, certificate of trademark, Chinese topped the list of brand value, brand value reached 11 billion 400 million yuan, creating 9 "A Well-Known Trademark in China". 2017 years, Pickles, Sichuan Style output 3 million 900 thousand tons, the output value of 33 billion yuan, accounting for about 70% 60% in the production of pickled cabbage. This year, the province's production is expected to reach 4 million tons of pickled cabbage.

The people's Government of Meishan City Vice Mayor Xiao Zhongliang informed of the activities at the meeting, and introduces the development situation of Dongpo pickled cabbage "industry. "Dongpo pickled cabbage" is the characteristic industry of Meishan, after 30 years of development, has built the largest Chinese pickled cabbage industry base, achieved "6 national first" achievements. 2017 "Dongpo pickled cabbage" to achieve sales revenue of 16 billion 580 million yuan, this year is expected to exceed 18 billion yuan. Chinese food safety conference held for the first time in the cities, Meishan and China pickled cabbage International Food Expo held jointly, activity content is more rich and colorful, is bound to Meishan pickled cabbage industry development plays a huge role in promoting.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yu Jian

Editor: TF003

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