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A wave of "distance" to tell you how far away saying Gao Xiaosong summarized it

2018-11-01 19:39 Yi Zhan TF015

"Everyone has their own hearts of the distance, but the vast majority of people do not realize, but a wave really came from afar, this is his most amazing place." - "a wave of distance" screenwriter hearts

"This world is not only in front of struggling, and poetry and distant." Gao Xiaosong's words touched a lot of people with ideals, has become one of the most famous network of chicken soup. 今天艺绽君(ID:bjvariety) 给大家讲一个“诗与远方”的故事。

The film "a wave of distance" tells the story of a love poem of young people to realize their dream of teaching poetry, came to teach the story in remote mountainous areas. Although the movie score is not high, but in the long time Guduo rankings ranked first, and has caused the network for the rural education issues of concern.

The film to a young man with a dream for a romantic pursuit of horse, leads to the rural education which has important social significance of the topic, and emphasizes the importance of developing traditional culture.

First, a wave just because they want to teach poetry to Erlang village, so he taught this non-stop all day long poems, and the children hope that learning a comprehensive subject to mountain out of the entrance examination wish, which triggered the contradiction between students and a wave of.

Wang Xiaohua personality strong lead resistance and wave, and even anger left the classroom. Wailed show numerous mountain children eager to change the fate of knowledge. This caused a wave of strong ideological struggle.

In the face of a wave of poetry teaching all day long, with a wave of old school dispute. I just want to teach a wave of poetry, old school for students' future and a wave of debate, and has "a teacher's biggest dream is the achievement of student's dream".

Although full of poetry and passion to carry forward the traditional culture actively, but a wave gradually began to realize their "pursuit" is very selfish. So he changed his teaching plan, wholeheartedly for the kids, for a long time in Erlang village teaching. The transition from an idealist as a good teacher has to play this role, is a wave of change.

Restore the syllabus course, his love of poetry and the pursuit of decide on what path to follow? A wave of thought of a good way, the creation of poetry. The classroom teaching is the language of the number of basic courses, extracurricular activities can be approached in poetry.

So, like many city schools, er Lang Cun in the school children are belong to their after-school clubs - sweeper ace shishe. The camera is at a remote village, but not deliberately emphasize the hardship and poverty, but added some elements of comedy in the beautiful scenery of mountains, relaxed and harmonious.

For example, an old ox 'name from the resident in the school's name - "sweeper ace". Initially, only three members of society.

This situation has changed in an activity in Liu Erqiu's poetry. Liu Erqiu is a teacher of wave loyalists, is a love poem of the children, he was the first to join society and become president.

A one another.

On to the top of the hill

I want a low sun

Erlang a Erlang

Their goal is Erlang

This is the first time Liu poetry, won the full house cheering. Since then, the school children almost have joined the society, hold regular activities of poetry.

Tour travel poems bring you endless joy. Between the teachers and students slapstick laughter, bare feet into the water, laughter echoed in the green mountains and rivers, surging with a rustic warmth.

The story will have tribulation. The geographical environment of the mountain area is bad, they encountered a storm out of the poem. Liu Xiaohua's mother had saved her in the rain fell down, this knot has been buried in her heart, in a wave of help, the flower opened the knot. The rainstorm landslide danger, wave and the children through the poem encouraging, the old headmaster and the villagers heard the people find salvation.

In education facing difficulties is far more than that. Because the local education condition, the county asked merged school, which means that Erlang village children have to walk twenty or thirty miles of mountain wave, in order to keep the children only learning environment, finally through the singing competition way for everyone to win the opportunity and respect.

Poetry always throughout the film. A wave of teach you to read poetry, but when he was depressed, again with a passionate "ambition can sometimes sail sea flowers encourage him, untie the knot in the poem, wave and children hope for the poem" Chibi "with nostalgia in the rain, although the story of Lve Xiansu, the plot the Pu Chen Yepo is far fetched, but the film expressed on people's change of poetry.

Is the so-called "Histories make men wise poets witty." Poetry comes across from the distant millennium, and our helpless soul collide, the life will be cold warm, lonely heart light.

At the end of the film, the children dressed in the clothes, singing on stage. There are also netizens commented that this song can be regarded as the movie the punchline.

There is a natural Dongzudage of pure beauty, hope the heart, a simple life, a dream away.

What is the distance? For a start, the waves, the distance is the love of poetry is paranoid, fleeing from the ordinary life, is the practice of idealism. And finally, the distance is a school in the beautiful scenery and a group of children, is walking in the mountains between a responsibility and role.

"Now what

I put the doll to you.

To lead them out of the village to the world"

Four degrees to spring

A few rain washed the gap

Black frost moon fabric

Speechless chalk to write the spring and Autumn

The silk spit all the spring is not old

Candle ashes fall more thick

Spring plum garden three thousand

Full autumn fruits in China

Your "far away"?

Source: art into author: A Wen

Editor: TF015

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