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The faraway distance tells you how far away it is. Gao Xiaosong summed it up in one sentence.

2018-11-01 19:39. Art blossoming TF015

"Everyone has his own heart, but most people do not realize it, but ah Lang has come far away. This is his greatest place." "The distant faraway" screenwriter red heart

"The world is not just for the present, but also for poetry and distance." Gao Xiaosong's words touched many people with ideals and became the most famous chicken soup on the Internet. Today, ID:bjvariety tells you a story about poetry and distance.

The movie "ah Lang's faraway" tells a story about a young poet who loves poetry to teach himself in a remote mountain area in order to realize his dream of poetry. Although the film is not highly rated, it ranks first in the list of bones and has raised concerns about rural education issues on the Internet.

Starting with the romantic pursuit of a young man as a horse, the film draws the important social significance of rural education, and emphasizes the importance of carrying forward traditional culture.

At first, ah Lang came to Erlang village only because he wanted to teach poetry. So he kept teaching poetry all day, which was contrary to the children's desire to learn comprehensive subjects and to go out of the mountain area through the entrance examination. This led to the contradiction between the students and the Arab League.

Wang Xiaohua, a strong personality, took the lead in fighting against ah Lang and even left the classroom in anger. Crying out loud shows the aspirations of countless mountain children eager to change their destiny through knowledge. This caused a strong ideological struggle of the Arab League.

Faced with the situation of the whole day, the old headmaster also had an argument with ah Lang. Ah Lang explained that he wanted to teach poetry only, and the old Chancellor argued for the future of his students and ah Lang, and said the voice of "a teacher's greatest dream is to achieve the dream of a student".

Though full of passion for poetry and enthusiasm for developing traditional culture, ah Lang gradually began to realize that his pursuit was selfish. So he revised his teaching plan and devoted his whole heart to the children, teaching in Erlang village for a long time. Changing from an idealist to a good teacher is the change of the role of ah Lang.

After resuming the syllabus, where do we pursue our passion for poetry? Ah Lang thought of a good way to set up a poetry club. In the classroom, the basic courses such as teaching, speaking and counting, and extracurricular activities can get close to poetry.

Thus, like many schools in the city, the children in Erlang village have their own extracurricular societies, the king's poetry club. Although the lens of the film is aimed at remote mountain villages, it does not deliberately emphasize suffering and poverty, but adds some comedy elements to the beautiful mountain scenery, which is relaxed and harmonious.

For example, the name of the poetry club comes from the name of the old ox who is resident in the school. At first, there were only three members in the poetry club.

This embarrassment changed after Liu Erqiu's poetry. Liu Erqiu is a loyal supporter of ah Lang's teacher. He is a child who likes poetry. He first joined the poetry club and became president.

One on one and the other on another.

Up to the top of the mountain

Red roofs and low roof beams

Erlang Mountain has Erlang

Erlang also has two balls.

This is Liu's first poem and won the applause. Since then, almost all the children in the school have joined the poetry club, and have organized poetry club activities regularly.

You can bring endless joy to travel. Laughing and fighting between teachers and students, stepping into the stream with bare feet, laughter and laughter reverberated between green hills and green waters, stirring a kind of simple warmth.

Inevitably, there are tribulations in stories. The mountainous area has bad geographical conditions, and they have encountered heavy rains when they travel in poetry. Liu Xiaohua's mother had been buried in her heart by rescuing her from falling down in the torrential rain. With the help of ah Lang, the heart knot of the flower opened. In the danger of torrential rain and landslides, ah Lang and the children encouraged each other through the poems. The old headmaster and the villagers heard the sound, and the people were saved.

The difficulties faced by mountain education are far from that. Because the local educational conditions are limited, the county requires merging schools, which means that the children in Erlang village have to walk twenty or thirty miles of mountain roads. In order to keep their children's only learning environment, ah Lang won the opportunity and respect for them through singing competition.

Poetry runs through the film. Ah Lang teaches everyone to read poetry, while in his despondent times, the second ball encourages him with passionate "long wind and waves, and sometimes hangs on the clouds to help the sea". Xiao Hua unravels the knot in the poem. Ah Lang and his children cherish the hope of the poem "Chibi reminiscence" in the rainstorm. Although the story Lve Xiansu sets, the plot is also quite farfetched, but the movie expresses the change of poetry to people.

It is called "reading history makes people wise, reading poetry makes people beautiful." Poetry has come across thousands of years and collided with our helpless soul, warming the cold life and lighting up the lonely soul.

At the end of the film, the children dressed in Dong costumes and sang on stage. Some netizens commented that this song can be regarded as the finishing touch of the whole movie.

There is natural beauty in the great song of the Dong people. There is hope in the heart, simple life and distant dream.

What is far away? For AFA, at the beginning, the distance was a love for paranoid poetry, a escape from ordinary life and a practice of idealism. In the end, the distance is a school and a group of children in the green hills. It is a kind of responsibility and responsibility to walk in the mountains.

"Where now?

I'll give you these dolls.

Lead them out of the mountain village to the world.

Four degrees of spring breeze

Several autumn rains wash the chasm

Black hair creams weave the sun and moon

Chalk writes without words.

The silk is not old until it has sped up.

The ashes are thicker and the autumn is thicker.

Spring sowing peach and plum three thousand Garden

Autumn is full of fruits.

Where is your "distant place"?

Source: Artist: A Wen

Editor: TF015

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